6 signs your liver is full of toxins and making you fat (and how to fix it)

Our lifestyle and diet affect our health, especially the digestive system. In fact, he is the first to be affected by an abundance of harmful substances (fast food, soda, alcohol) and often drinks up his esophagus and liver. But what are the signs of liver damage and how can you fix it? explanations.

fatty liver
Fatty liver disease, also known as soda ash disease or non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, is a disease affecting more and more people. It is an inflammation of the liver associated with an overload of toxins and fats, usually caused by poor diet and excessive consumption of sugars. In this inflammation, the accumulation of fat in the liver is accompanied by cell damage similar to that caused by alcoholic hepatitis.
In general, the first symptoms of this disease are fatigue, jaundice, edema or gastrointestinal bleeding. However, the warning signs prove that the liver is full of toxins and such diseases can appear. Among these signs:

1- Unexplained weight gain

When the body is in poor health, several organs work in slow motion, including the liver. In fact, the latter filters, sorts and generally neutralizes toxins before they are transported to the digestive tract. But when the latter is overburdened, it cannot perform its role effectively. Thus, toxins retain fat and cause weight gain because they are not excreted properly.


One of the functions of the liver is to control metabolism and work with the immune system to fight off harmful cells and substances that threaten the body. However, when the liver becomes saturated, it can no longer help the immune system fight off the pathogens that cause allergies.

3- Chronic fatigue

Allowing both to help the body digest fats and store vitamins, the liver is an energy reserve. Thus, once it malfunctions, our entire body suffers and deficiencies appear, which is why we are constantly tired.

4- Excessive sweating

The liver often encounters an abundance of toxins that are difficult to deal with. Thus, to help get rid of these harmful substances, the body works more resulting in excessive sweating.

5- Skin disorders

When toxins accumulate in the body and in the liver, they cause skin disorders including acne. In fact, the liver corresponds to the sebaceous glands that produce an excessive amount of sebum at the origin of acne. Thus, the decreased functioning of the liver due to toxins leads to increased activity of the sebaceous glands.

6- Respiratory problems

Liver impairment can affect multiple organs. Thus, it is possible to suffer from respiratory disorders such as respiratory failure, when the liver is overloaded with toxins and increases in size.

How do we deal with it?

To treat fatty liver disease naturally and detoxify your liver, you should:

Reduce your sugar intake
Eat a varied and balanced diet
Avoid consuming alcohol and soft drinks
Do regular physical activity
Reducing the intake of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs
Gradually achieve a healthy weight
Focus on antioxidants and liver-friendly foods like milk thistle extract, vitamin E, artichoke, black radish, and turmeric.
Similarly, you can detoxify your liver with this natural lemon remedy:

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ingredients :

1 tablespoon of organic olive oil
1 tablespoon of lemon juice
To prepare:
All you have to do is mix the ingredients together and then have this drink every morning on an empty stomach. However, be sure to wait a few minutes for breakfast after drinking the lotion. You will notice a rapid improvement in your health thanks to the detoxification of the liver. This is due to the antioxidant content in lemon and olive oil and their effect on the drainage of the body.

Note that lemons are not recommended for people who are allergic to citrus fruits, and those with kidney disease, bile duct disease, or stomach ulcers.

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