7 benefits of sleeping naked

Sleeping is one of the most important activities for our health. When we lack sleep, our health suffers. However, did you know that sleeping naked offers more benefits than sleeping in pajamas? Here are the amazing health benefits of sleeping naked, both physically and psychologically.

Why do you sleep naked?

Improve sleep

People who sleep naked sleep better than those who sleep in pajamas because when body temperature drops by 0.4 degrees Celsius, the duration of deep sleep doubles, according to a study published in the journal Brain. But if you wear clothes, it disrupts this process. As a result, you toss and turn and show signs of sleep apnea. So sleeping naked promotes better sleep quality.

Prevention against bacteria

Sleeping naked prevents the growth of fungus and bacteria. Since our bodies stay wrapped in clothes all day long, our private parts sweat under the effect of heat which promotes bacteria multiplication. In addition, sleeping naked dries out sweat stains and keeps the body comfortable and protected from bacteria, which reduces the risk of infection.

Promote weight loss

If you sleep naked, your cortisol levels go down, you sleep better and this helps in the weight loss process. Since your body temperature is lower, it tries to warm itself up by burning calories, relying on fat. If you want to lose a few pounds, now you have the solution!

Promotes closeness and tenderness

Skin-to-skin contact will increase the production of bonding hormones like oxytocin and make you more sensitive to your partner’s touch. It will also create feelings of trust and unity and lower your heart rate. Couples who sleep naked are often more sexually satisfied or just plain happy.

energy boost

A good night’s sleep boosts your energy levels, keeping you going throughout the day.

Cut back on bread

Sleeping naked stimulates blood circulation and relieves pain, especially in the abdominal area. You will feel relief and no pain, so you can sleep more peacefully.

Improves skin repair processes

If you sleep naked, your skin will repair itself more easily and will be better protected, because your sebaceous glands will be working at full speed and your skin will absorb nutrients more quickly. Sleeping naked will also allow the sebum, which is secreted by the sebaceous glands, to regulate itself naturally, giving you healthy skin, thus reducing wrinkles.

Sleep comfortably

To sleep well and enjoy the virtues of sleep, there are some other tips to put in place and here are some of them:

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Your room should be well ventilated daily. Also note that the ideal temperature should be between 16° and 19° in the evening. Don’t forget that you should sleep in complete darkness as this allows your body to produce melatonin (called the sleep hormone) in large quantities!


Taking a shower before bed relaxes us and allows us to sleep more peacefully. We are more relaxed. In addition, sleep specialists confirm that taking a shower at night helps you fall asleep more easily and get better sleep.

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