7 highly effective yoga exercises for beautiful and perfect breast shape

The breast is one of the signs of femininity and beauty for any girl, but there are many girls who are not satisfied with the size and shape of the breast and want to get the perfect size and shape, and it is very effective in improving the shape and size of the breast from yoga exercises, and these exercises are not only useful in improving the shape of the breast And their volume, but they are also good for the lungs and have a positive effect on overall health, making you stronger and more powerful. more healthy.

7 highly effective yoga exercises for beautiful and perfect breasts:

1- The position of the warrior:

This exercise increases the size of the chest and strengthens the muscles in general.

You will stand and keep your legs apart, then bend the left knee and turn the left foot north 90 degrees, right foot inward, raise your arms and keep your shoulders, and turn your head to the north until you are taken by bus. For the wrist, do the same exercise for the right side, and repeat the exercise 7 to 10 times on each side.

2- Triple mode:

This exercise is very useful in improving the shape and size of the chest, strengthening the spine and improving blood circulation throughout the body.

Stand straight and keep your feet shoulder width apart, turn your left foot north 90 degrees and your right foot north 15 degrees, which means a slight bend, but touch the left ankle with your left hand” and as you continue the exercise for the time you are supposed to put your palms on the floor “. Then you wake up. Lift your straightened hands in a straight line, keeping your knees and spine straight. Raise your head to your toes, repeat the exercise on the other side and repeat the exercise as many times as you can.

3- The Cobra Pose:

This exercise works to tighten the chest muscles, improve the shape of the chest, strengthen the abdominal muscles, and increase lung capacity.

Lie on your stomach, breathe deeply, then slowly raise your torso, and at the same time keep your lower body on the ground, press your arms on the ground and raise your head above your head, breathe slowly, and each time you repeat the exercise, try to increase its duration and repeat the exercise as many times as possible

4- The position of the bow:

This exercise, in addition to improving the shape of the chest, is also very beneficial for those who suffer from back pain, as it helps to stretch the spine.

Lie on your stomach and breathe, bend your knees, lift them up and hold them with your hands at the ankles, remembering to breathe slowly throughout the exercise, pull your arms and legs inward as much as possible, raise your hips and chest. Go down and press on the abdominal area, stay in this position for 30 seconds. Repeat this process as many times as possible.

5- The wheel:

It helps to stretch the chest, spine and neck, and is also a very useful remedy for headaches.

Lie on your back, extend your legs beyond shoulder width, keep your arms behind your head, palms to the sides, i.e. fingers pointing back, then raise your hips and chest so that the arms are stretched as much as possible, stay in this position for 30 seconds and repeat the exercise as much as possible .

6- Handstand:

This exercise is not only good for the shape of the chest, but also for the ligaments, muscles of the spine and rib cage, and it also improves breathing and blood circulation.

At first, lean on your knee, put your hands on the floor, interlace your fingers, and then put your head on the floor so that the back of your head is between your hands. Then lift your leg off the ground and hold this position for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on your ability.

7- The sentences:

This exercise improves and strengthens the shape of the chest, and is very effective in treating back pain and helps to increase lung volume.

Get down with your knees on the floor, slowly bend towards Laura until your hands touch the heels of the man, the back is arched, and pull your head towards Laura towards the floor, stay in this position for 30 seconds.

So, we’ve finished our exercises, and of course we don’t have to do them all. You can choose one or several exercises, and each one chooses what it can do or is easiest for it to do.

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