7 signs of clogged arteries


Arteries carry blood, oxygen and nutrients from the heart to the rest of the body and are essential for the proper functioning of the body. In addition, healthy arteries are elastic, strong, resilient, and free of deposits.
However, when many substances build up in the arteries, including fats, this proper functioning is impaired. In fact, the arteries are then clogged, narrowed and hardened, and this is called atherosclerosis. This disease begins slowly and can be fatal suddenly because it is the cause of cardiac complications that affect vital prognosis. Thus, knowing the 7 warning signs of clogged arteries advises to act as soon as possible!

7 warning signs of clogged arteries

1_Pain in the legs and/or feet

If you quickly feel heaviness in your legs or pain in your feet after walking a short distance, this could be a sign of clogged arteries. This is due to insufficient blood circulation. In fact, the blood exits the heart and then passes through the arteries, but if they become blocked, the circulation will be affected.

2_Back pain
Just like pain in the legs and/or feet, the back is affected by clogged arteries. This is because decreased circulation leads to muscle tension, especially in the back and lower back. In fact, reduced blood flow weakens the vertebrae and increases the risk of nerve compression.



3_general weakness
General and unusual weakness could be a sign that the arteries are beginning to become blocked by fat deposits and narrowing. In addition, it slows blood flow to the heart, thus weakening the muscles.

4_calf bread
Thickening of the artery walls limits blood flow, especially in the legs, which can lead to calf pain or numbness. In addition, smoking increases the risk of clogged arteries and thus suffering from such pain.

5 _ symptoms of cold or flu
When arteries become blocked, the risk of a heart attack increases. This is why clogged arteries for a period of time that can cause flu or cold symptoms, such as high fever, sore throat, body aches, and stuffy nose, can be warning signs, especially if you are careful not to catch a cold.

6 _ sudden fatigue
If you suddenly feel tired all day long, that is, without making any special efforts, it may be due to clogged arteries. In fact, when the arteries become clogged and narrowed, the heart works harder, which explains this sudden fatigue.

7_ Respiratory disorders
Since the heart is not sufficiently oxygenated, the lungs are not sufficient either. Therefore, you may experience breathing problems if the arteries are blocked.

So, if you notice these signs appearing, a change in diet and physical activity will help you reduce them, as well as this natural recipe that cleans the arteries!



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