7 ways to naturally increase dopamine in your brain

Have you shown that you are sad or even depressed? Do you aspire to more fun in life, to more happiness on a daily basis without knowing how to do it and getting lost? Here’s how you can feel better instantly with Dopamine.

Dopamine, everyone has heard of it. But what exactly is it?

pleasure hormone
Dopamine transmits information between neurons and is a neurotransmitter. If it is known to all, it is because it has a direct effect on behavior: its production by the brain activates the reward circuit, providing a sense of well-being and stimulation.

The role of the reward circuit is to get us to repeat behaviors that lead to positive experiences. On the contrary, a lack of dopamine is synonymous with a lack of interest in life, sadness and frustration.

So how do you get your brain to produce more to feel better, be more motivated, and achieve great things?

Here’s how to increase dopamine levels in seven steps.

  • Discover new things
    Situations in which we encounter novelty and discover new things are known to trigger dopamine production in the brain.

Today, thanks to the Internet and with just a few clicks, it is easy to learn new things or make new discoveries, thanks in particular to information sites, online videos, etc. Be careful though, because replaying the same bonus circuit can often get you addicted to speed! So, to your mice, but in moderation!

  • Create To-Do Lists
    Likewise, dopamine is released when we do big things…and also small things! The important thing here is to finish them.

So grab a pen and paper and make a list of simple things to do, and get started! You’ll be amazed at the satisfaction you get from putting everything you’ve done on paper.

  • Get a productivity calendar
    A productivity calendar is a big calendar (the kind that displays the entire year on one page) that you hang on the wall and check the boxes with a daily check mark every time you accomplish something good, no matter how small. Like reading for 10 minutes or eating a healthy meal.

These intersections will form a chain after several days, and the more squares you score in a row, the better you will feel and the more motivated you will be to form good habits. Thank you dopamine!

You can also download an app like Streaks to keep your productivity calendar handy at all times.

  • Take action

Flow is the state of mind you get into when you are very focused and immersed in an occupation. Then large amounts of dopamine are released into the brain.

Do activities that require concentration and let your mind wander!

  • Meditation
    Meditation, prayer, or introspection also releases dopamine. This is why so much medical research shows that meditation relieves depression and other mood disorders.
  • Listen to music
    Numerous studies have shown that listening to a piece of music you like increases dopamine production.

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  • Move!
    Know that anything addictive has to do with dopamine production. We know that “sport makes you happy”. In fact, many studies show the relationship between activity and a good mental state.

For this, there is no need to choose the most stressful exercises! Walking is perhaps the easiest physical exercise. Just go out for a walk, take the stairs, or walk around instead of using other modes of transportation.

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