8 signs warn you that your heart does not work properly

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 610,000 people die due to heart problems every year in the United States alone. Men and women suffer from heart disease for various reasons related to a specific lifestyle. However, there are numerous signs and warnings that indicate a heart problem that requires more than knowledge.

1- Pain spreads in the arm

Many men suffer pain in the left arm, while women suffer the same pain in one or both arms. Some women said they suffer from an unusual elbow before they undergo a heart attack. This happens because your heart’s pain is transmitted to your spinal cord, as many nerves are associated with your body and your mind suffers from Karabakh and believes that your arm suffers from real pain when it is not.

2- The cough that does not stop

Tex can derive from many problems and can also be a sign of cardiovascular disease. A persistent cough that produces pink fluid is associated with heart failure. However, coughing is one of the sub-systems of the most dangerous symptoms, which is shortness of breath and sudden breathing.

3- Severe and unusual levels of anxiety

Several studies have found that people who are overly concerned from a young age are more likely to develop heart disease. The cause of concern can be either a very stressful lifestyle, or various disturbances, including homosexuality and terrorist anxiety. Some of the effects of anxiety on your heart include an irregular heartbeat, increased blood pressure, and a low heart rate.

4- Solving the legs, ankles, and feet

When your heart does not pump well, blood vessels in the surrounding tissues are detected, and your return and your return are the most common places of disorder simply due to gravity.

5- There is no appetite for nausea and feeling

Many patients with heart disease have anorexia or nausea. The reason is the accumulation of fluids around the liver and intestine that interfere with appropriate digestion. These symptoms generally follow abdominal pain, and if you all suffer, you should visit your doctor immediately.

6- Skin rash or unusual stains

In two distinguished projects implemented by the Journal of Sensitivity and Clinical Immunology and the American College of those who suffer from eczema 48 %, suffer from high blood pressure, and 29 % from high cholesterol in the blood.

7- Loss of awareness or fainting

The feeling of dizziness and loss of consciousness is widespread in heart patients. This is when the heart does not pump blood well. The reason is that blood flow is prohibited by narrowing the isolated artery or valve.

8- Your skin becomes pale or takes a bluish color

It is not one of the most common symptoms, but when it appears, it is the cause of low blood flow, and a small number of red blood cells, and this may be a sign that your heart does not pump blood as it should happen. However, if you notice a state of severity, you do not need to panic. Check if you have a shock or if there is another problem like anemia.

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