Cabbage leaf trick for the chest.. Know its benefits with us

Cabbage is one of the best low-calorie foods and has many benefits. Many people know that cabbage is a good cholesterol-lowering food, but many don’t know that cabbage has strange and healthy uses. Surprisingly, cabbage can have a positive effect if used as a remedy. Objectively, and today through our topic we will tell you about the health benefits of cabbage leaves, and how to use them for the chest and other places in the body to treat them.

Health Benefits of Cabbage Leaves:

1- Treatment of breastfeeding pain:
Some women may experience pain during the lactation period, and these pains are relieved by using fresh cabbage leaves by placing them on the breast. You can hold the leaves together in the form of a breast, and leave them on your breast for a few minutes. hours, or put the cabbage leaves in the refrigerator until they cool down, then apply them to the breast twice a day today for 20 minutes. You can use this method while breastfeeding or pumping, and you should feel relief within a week.

  • In this treatment, it is preferable not to use the outer leaves of cabbage because they remain very thin and do not keep cold for a long time. Use the inner leaves of the fish.
  • Put the paper on the chest and wrap it well, leaving the nipple area exposed, and wear a bra to fix the paper on the breasts.
  • Leave the sheet on the chest until you feel cold, then remove it.

If you continue to breastfeed or pump milk for the baby from the breast, do not continue this treatment for a long time, as this may lead to a decrease in milk supply.


2- Treatment of the thyroid gland:
The thyroid gland is one of the most important glands in the body. It produces hormones that play an important role in digestive health, metabolism, or both. Alternative medicine tells us that we can use cabbage leaves as a topical treatment for the thyroid gland.

The simple way is to put cabbage leaves on the neck, it helps neutralize the hormones of thyroid disorder, and if it is difficult to put it on the neck and sleep with it all night, try putting it on the neck while you sleep. Several hours to achieve the desired result.

3- Headache treatment:
Cabbage contains vitamins
C and K, folic acid, calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron, so it is considered an effective headache remedy. You can use it to put cabbage leaves on the temple area or the top of the forehead to treat a headache, and the skin will absorb all the nutrients in addition to calming you down, and for more comfort, you can put cabbage leaves in the freezer. for 15 minutes before using it.

4- Reducing joint swelling:
Many specialists recommend wrapping joints with cabbage leaves, as this helps reduce inflammation. Cabbage contains glucosinolates, an anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory compound. Remove the dried parts or veins from the cabbage leaves. Place the cabbage leaves between two sheets of tissue paper, and hit the leaf with a mallet along with the meat. Invigorating healing compounds, apply these leaves directly to affected joints to reduce swelling and pain.

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