Characteristics of women according to the month of her birth

born in january

Distinctive features of this woman: This woman is charming and attracts attention wherever she is, so she should beware of her beauty, which causes her a lot of inconveniences. For a long time .. She hates lies and novelty .. Her inner emotions do not appear on her face and she does not look sad or happy .. She is discreet by nature, you can trust her with your secrets .. She is also subtle, gentle, polite, loves everyone and cares about everything .. even the smallest details .. She slows down before any decision she takes, especially the decision to marry, as she is arrogant and mediates with them, but who knows her well. She knows she is saying the right word at the right time and the right person!!!!

Born in February

This woman is sociable and able to deal with all kinds of people of different inclinations, goals and cultures. At the same time, she tends to be calm, appreciates tender romantic feelings, and is distinguished by independence of opinion. She loves nature and wildlife, loves giving and at times is very sentimental. But her emotions are always temporary, as they start suddenly in this way without any introductions and end in the same way because of the simplicity and spontaneity of her soul, which is also characterized by extreme shyness, shyness, and religiosity. social. . Discreet .. She has a high degree of self-control and nerve control. She always increases her ability to give because she is emotional by nature, and tends to be romantic and dreamy most of the time. She is distinguished by an independent personality, and her perseverance in her work earns her a special status.. She loves people, and is characterized by extreme sensitivity, a kind heart, and sharp intelligence together. If she gives herself enough time, she will do her job perfectly.

March born

This woman is an example of charm and charm.. Really dazzling with beauty and intelligence.. She loves science.. Interested in studying foreign languages. She is very energetic and strong.. She is known for her correct opinion, but she can be harsh at times…
She does not need someone to push her to work, she is always busy with it. You can’t see it idle, it moves fast and it’s nice to look at. She is full of vitality, and this is shown in her every graceful movement. And she kept these beautiful features until the last day of her life.

He was born in the month of April

This woman is smart, smart and witty. Social and loving people, it is easy to adapt to them, provided that they are simple and honest with themselves and far from pretending and flattery.
In vain do you try to preach or convince her because she is not affected by logic, but she differentiates between right and wrong. She is bold and nervous. She is famous for spending a lot and squandering money. She loves beautiful clothes. She is fond of luxury, extravagance, and everything that reaches perfection. Jealousy is her sworn enemy, and may destroy her happiness and her future. Intelligent and quick to understand, he understands things quickly and at a glance, and is quick to think, make and implement decisions. She loves freedom and going everywhere which causes rumors to spread around her. Her nerves are always agitated and frayed.


This woman cannot be abandoned. She is beautiful and cheerful. She looks at life with a rosy lens. It instills joy in your soul. It makes optimism seep into your pores, no matter how frustrated you are. farsighted. She has a great ability to turn everything and anything from failure into success. Her ideas are innovative and creative, and her life is peaceful and beautiful.
She lacks the right decision, and hesitation is her main defect, as she is afraid that her opinion will be affected by anything and anything, and that is why she tends to change constantly, despite her ability to organize her thoughts and determine precisely what she wants. . Curious, always asking questions, quick to absorb, has a photographic memory that listens and records what is said to her in her memory. He draws attention with his scientific and logical way of thinking. She knows selfishness, has the ability to hold the reins in the field of work, and it is very difficult to find her giving in to any external forces or yielding to others.

born in june

This woman is beautiful, happy and lucky. She is fond of colours, flowers, nature and the arts. The realist who is not tempted by friendly words and sweet words. She loves with her mind, not with her heart. She loves money, but she sometimes skimps on expenses in a way that resembles miserliness. She loves pets and often has one birdcage in her home.


This woman is always an optimist. She told her that she stands by her friends in all situations, especially the most difficult ones, the beauty of morals. Happiness and comfort around her, soft, beautiful, somewhat lazy, do not exaggerate her outward appearance, as she is able to express her feelings in clear words, and this is much better for her, because people always try to benefit from her health, she should not Bear .. Her psychological state is any pressure of any kind. If she feels any suffocation or tightness around her, she should say very frankly, “Enough!”

Born in August

She is firm in opinion, and does not give up easily, as the word is always her word, which causes a lot of problems, as she is generous, loves goodness and presents it to those around her without judgment, sensitive, has sharp cross-sections and strong characteristics. She likes it, and it is better that no one advises her about anything, because she is fanatical in her opinion.

born in september

She is very shy .. pure .. pure .. polite, very intelligent, emotional, calm, reserved in her behavior, balanced in mind, wise, honest, and does not allow anyone to insult or underestimate her. Sam al-Anab..a realist who does not give in to dreams and spends her money wisely..her relationship with her Lord is strong and her faith in Him is as if she sees him always illuminating her path and rarely touches her with evil..accurate in everything and woe to those who try to deceive her.. her soft voice indicates understanding, honesty and wisdom..she is looking for People’s flaws and exposure to criticism that you think gives them value. advice.

born in october

Beautiful.. charming.. does not recognize age.. loves to use adornment.. he is intelligent.. loves science and studies. Brilliant.. with commercial talent since childhood.. that’s why she achieved fortune and wealth in a short time. Strong, stubborn, loves control, difficult to persuade, but very passionate. She has a strong, mysterious and charming female instinct. She knows the personality of a person as soon as he sees him, and for this she is able to give each person the words that suit him and then penetrate hearts easily, in addition to her soft and confident way of speaking… Extravagance. ..
The way you spend money indicates a lack of interest or indifference to its value. Do not be easily deceived and curse lies from afar.. You love honesty and sincerity and do not care about misunderstandings from friends.

Born in november

She has a strong will.. She loves independence.. Her mind precedes her life and a distinguished future awaits her. She has a clear conscience. She is very athletic.. She loves to cooperate with others in solving their problems.. Loyal.. She sacrifices for the sake of others.. She has charming emotional depths.. And charm.. She does not accept or respect bad deeds. She is fond of freedom and hates any law or order. Tend to travel.

Her memory is strong, her mind is strong, she is frank with herself and honest with others.. She has great vitality and activity.. She has a fighting spirit and tends to be extravagant by nature, when she wants something she decides and accomplishes it. He. She. Aptly.. she sometimes commits herself to herself and others, which gives her a sense of grandeur.

born in december

It is distinguished by its open outlook on life, which is the most popular. She expects dexterity and wisdom from everyone. As for the things that she pays for because of her slip of the tongue, she should always be careful to remain calm and silent whenever possible. Ha. Everyone is comfortable and simple.. She remains young, no matter how old she is.. She hates lies and lies. Do not hesitate to speak the truth no matter the sacrifices. Her passion is always burning, and sometimes she loses control of her temper.. She is looking for a difficult challenge, she is socially free and her circle of relationships is wide and open, she is waiting for new friends, most of her problems are caused by jealousy and the large number of haters and envious people around her everywhere because her heart is white.. She speaks kindly and frankly , arouses jealousy in the rest of the women, clear, elegant in simplicity, sparkling and emotional .. In short, she is an example of attractiveness, clarity, realism, pride and self-confidence.

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