Cut a lemon in 4 and add salt. Put it in the kitchen to change your life!

Miracles work.. You cut a lemon right in the middle of the kitchen. Every housewife wants to have a clean kitchen free of germs and bacteria, because the kitchen is one of the very important places where food is prepared, and it must be prepared in a completely clean place free of dirt, germs and odors. The bad smell that sometimes appears in the summer due to the high temperature of the place, and these smells cause great inconvenience to every housewife.

There are many ways to use salt and lemon to clean the kitchen and get rid of oils, dirt, and bad smells. Lemon is an acidic substance that helps get rid of unpleasant odors, in addition to eliminating bacteria and germs that form on the kitchen surface.

In addition, most of the products currently used for cleaning contain lemon as one of the basic elements that fight bacteria and germs, and there are many ways to use lemon and salt in cleaning and so on.

How to make a lemon and salt disinfectant

Lemon can be used in the preparation of household disinfectants. Simply squeeze 3 lemons and put them in a medium sized bottle, then add dish soap and sea salt to it, mix the ingredients, and then use the mixture to clean every corner of the house.

Lemon salt to clean the eyes of the cooker

Madam, collect the eyes of the cook in a deep bowl, add a quantity of hot water to it, add dish soap to it, then add lemon salt, and leave the eyes there and wait for at least an hour, then realize and wash under them. Running water and you will find it sparkling.

Lemon salt and ceramic cleaning

If you suffer from darkening of the joints between the ceramics, which depend on using a mixture of lemon salt and baking soda, spread the mixture on the joints, wait 30 minutes, then use a rough brush. Rub the seams and it will be bright white.

If you are preparing this mixture, you should wear gloves to prevent your hands from touching the mixture.

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