Do not marry a man who does these habits!

When we see the many divorce cases; We must question the reasons for the failure of these relationships, especially the poor choice of partner that some people fall into. You might choose a boy for his good looks and outward appearance, or because you think you can change him over time. This is a mistake that should not be made.

If you don’t want to have a failed marriage experience, pay attention to these 15 habits that men adopt in their daily lives. If you notice that he repeats it constantly; Don’t marry her! Otherwise, your dream will turn into a nightmare.

His horizons are limited:

If you are with a man who, fearing danger, is holding you back from moving forward or is suspicious of you; It doesn’t suit you. His negativity will greatly harm your life.

Hates animals:

If your fiancé refuses to be around animals because he has an allergy or other illness, that’s completely normal. But if he hates her because she is free, this indicates his lack of sympathy, which should extend to the level of human relations.

Does not respect the rules of the relationship:

He doesn’t like following your relationship rules and doing whatever he wants. It is simply contempt and contempt for your person.

Does not keep its promises:

If you notice that he does not keep his promises and this is repeated over and over again; So stay away from him.

You are not his priority.

If he values his interests more than you and makes you feel like you’re not his priority, then you don’t mean much to him.

He does not admit his mistakes:

The man who does not admit his mistakes must review himself and put aside his excessive selfishness. These actions will hurt you.

He has ready excuses:

A guy who comes up with excuses instead of concrete explanations for his behavior is just a guy who doesn’t care about you at all.

Conflict flow:

Disagreements are part of the daily life of the couple, but when they last for a long time and the man insists on provoking them; He’s not ready to take responsibility, so you need to stay away from him.

He always interrupts you while you’re talking.

If your fiancé interrupts you during all your conversations in front of others; You mean nothing to him and he doesn’t care about your opinion at all.

he is lying to you:

There are different levels of lying. Lying in a relationship inevitably leads to its failure. Because it destroys the trust between the two parties.

stuck to you all the time:

The fact that he’s clinging to you all the time could mean that he’s feeling insecure or that he doesn’t fully trust you. Independence in a relationship is essential to a lasting marriage.

Family dislikes:

Family is essential to the balance of our lives, and nothing compares to the warmth of family gatherings. If your fiancé does not like spending time in a nice family place, it will be difficult for him to love his family and children.

Refuse to quit smoking:

It is true that quitting smoking requires a strong will. If your fiancé isn’t making the effort for his health first, and then for your own, he doesn’t care about your demands or your feelings.

He easily abandons his acquaintances:

If your fiancé permanently cuts his friends or loved ones out of his life after a minor quarrel, he may get impatient and may do the same to you.

if it is violent in nature and manifests itself physically or emotionally; Leave it immediately. Because a guy who can’t control his anger is a dangerous guy and he shouldn’t be in your life.

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