Do you know what it means to have a small half moon on your nails!!

Experts from the “Healthy Line” website say that the tissue just below the nail contains nerves and blood vessels, and it also produces cells that become the hardened nail plate, then we find this small halo on the nail and it is white in color,

It is usually most noticeable on the thumb and appears smaller on the rest of the fingers. Experts say that the visible appearance of this halo on the nail is a sign of an underlying disease, and among the most common causes are:

Taking antibiotics commonly used to treat acne and skin infections, as well as prolonged use, can turn the areola from white to yellow.

Diabetes mellitus can cause pale blue halos, which are a sign of undiagnosed or uncontrolled diabetes
Excessive use of fluoride, such as those found in toothpaste, can turn the areola brown or black

Yellow nail syndrome. This condition usually results in thick, slow-growing nails. The middle of the nail may begin to lift causing the areola to disappear completely, often due to chronic sinusitis, recurrent pneumonia, rheumatoid arthritis, immunodeficiency disorders, or symptoms of aging in the elderly.

Reports indicate that the nail arch can be a sign of problems in the cardiovascular system, heart disorders, and low blood pressure.

Experts advise to see a doctor in the event of a change in the appearance of the nails, whether in color or shape, in order to properly assess the symptoms, restore the appearance of the nails, and improve general health.

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