early signs of cancer


Some early signs of possible cancer can be recognized, and their importance should not be underestimated, in order to prevent the spread of cancer or to nip it in the bud before it becomes difficult. . case to recover from.

Some people may experience certain symptoms that do not reach the point of suspecting that they are behind cancer. Therefore, you should be given a lot of attention; To avoid falling into what is more dangerous.

Cancer is a state of abnormal growth of some cells and tissues in the body, and it attacks many organs. Different symptoms appear according to the affected organ or affected site. These cancer cells are able to spread, invade and destroy other tissues, and they can also move to distant places through the blood or lymphatic system.

Cancer cells are characterized by deeply penetrating infected tissues, invading normal tissues close to them until they reach and penetrate some blood vessels or lymphatic vessels, then swim with the bloodstream to move to other distant organs, and cause other secondary tumors bearing the characteristics. From a primary tumor in its ability to grow. spread.

In this topic, we discuss some of the signs, purposes, and indicators that indicate the possibility of cancer, and some of these symptoms that many do not think are an indication of the beginnings of cancer.

In the event that some of these symptoms appear, they should not be neglected or underestimated, and one must go to the specialist doctor as soon as possible to conduct the necessary full examinations of the body and health, to ascertain the condition and take immediate measures. . . . . . sizes.

cure rates

A recent study indicates that the current cure rates reach about 53% of people with cancer, and these percentages are likely to increase as a result of progress in cases of early detection, development of methods and methods of treatment, and availability of treatment. Necessary medications. . Significantly.

There is early evidence of cancer, and it is related to weight. Where unintentional weight loss of more than 11% of total monthly weight occurs within 5 to 6 months.

The researchers promise that there will be no cancer if a person follows a number of procedures and steps that prevent this disease, including early prediction of the appearance of this disease, and then work to prevent it in the simplest ways.

Warning signs

Cancer diseases have spread around the world in a way that raises concern, and the number of infected people has reached frightening numbers, and it has become one of the main causes of death in many countries of the world.

Death rates due to this disease remained stable for long periods without change from previous years, and various treatment methods did not succeed in reducing these rates, and they were unable to detect and eliminate the beginnings of cancer.

Pharmaceutical companies exploit this disease to make huge profits without an active reward equal to all the money spent. Therefore, it is better to follow the methods of detecting the initial signs of the disease. Avoid getting infected with it, and avoid the spiral of treatment, cost, and physical and psychological pain.

A number of signs appear that are not symptoms of cancer in and of themselves; however, it is considered one of the initial premonitions and warnings of the occurrence of a malignant tumor, including an unplanned decrease in weight within several months.


Anemia and cough


Abnormal bleeding occurs from some different body orifices, and unusual urination habits are disturbed. A cough that does not respond to treatment indicates the possibility of cancer, especially if it is accompanied by some blood.

This cancerous stage includes a feeling of disgust for meat and its smell, as well as a feeling of satiety and fullness without eating enough food, or after eating a little food.

The appearance of strange tumors in any area of the body, especially the breasts in women, and they are in the form of small lumps at first and do not cause any pain. Abnormal night sweats are also a sign of cancer.

A person exposed to cancer has ulcers that have no cause and do not respond to treatment within a maximum period of about 22 days, indicating that they are unusual ulcers.

General symptoms

There are many general symptoms that indicate the beginnings of cancer, including symptoms that occur in all types of cancer diseases, and they are general signs, including weight loss for no apparent reason, a clear loss of appetite, and general condition and vitality. Constant fatigue. Tiredness and sweating during the day increase during the night.

There are local symptoms from which the type is detected; Such as the appearance of a solid mass or seeing some changes in the shape of the skin, and some symptoms that indicate the spread of the tumor occur, including enlarged lymph nodes spread throughout the body, as well as pain that occurs in the bones as well as the liver.

In some cases, early signs of cancer are difficult to detect; As a result of their similarity to some other diseases, or the absence of obvious symptoms that can be observed; But you should pay attention to some signs; Such as the appearance of tumors in different places, and they continue to grow for up to 15 days and often do not cause pain.

And the appearance of some colored tumors on the skin or the occurrence of a change in the mole, whether in size or color and in the case of the appearance of abnormal secretions from any opening in the body, especially if these secretions are followed by – the issuance of unpleasant odors, all of which are indications of something abnormal occurring in the body and often it is the beginning of getting cancer.

Itchy or irritated skin could be an indication of a type of cancer. Some studies have shown that brain cancer can lead to an itchy nose.

Difficulty swallowing and breathing

And the occurrence of a problem with some natural habits, including difficulty in the swallowing process, and a state of permanent indigestion, in addition to a defect in the performance of the intestine, such as frequent and continuous diarrhea or constipation, and the presence of blood. In the stool with mucous secretions and suppurations.

Specialists suggest that a persistent sore throat can be a sign of laryngeal cancer, especially if it is accompanied by swallowing and breathing difficulties, a feeling of a lump in the throat, bloody discharge with coughing, and breath becoming very foul.

And the appearance of strange hoarseness in the voice that did not exist before, as well as when the body temperature rises unjustifiably and repeatedly or continuously, this indicates the presence of leukemia, and the feeling of back pain, and in these cases, it is the same. the case. same. Himself. . It is necessary to go to the nearest tumor follow-up center and complete the examinations.

known changes

The German Cancer Center indicated that each person can know what is happening inside his body in terms of changes that often indicate disease and cancer can be one of them with its distinctive signs.

The center shows that these abnormal changes that extend for a long time in the body, in addition to the absence of a clear and known cause, represent warning signs that call on the person to go to the doctor to find out the truth and facilitate it. He. She. he. she. he. she. he. she. Treatment. In the event that initial risk indicators for this disease are identified.

The center says that if inflammation occurs in the lymph nodes inside the body, this is one of the signs of infection, but if these infections persist for 15 days without recovery, it is necessary to go to the doctor immediately to discover the reasons behind this. . . . . condition.

large numbers

A recent British study showed that about 50% of people suffer from cancer, which is a very large number, especially the elderly over the age of 65, but cancer in its early stages can be overcome, treated, and completely eliminated, but the problem lies in that. The initial symptoms of cancer are not clear to many sufferers, which deepens the disease and makes it easier to control and difficult to treat.

The study revealed that 25% of the British population had cancer in the seventies of the last century, then the percentage rose to 34% in the nineties, until it reached about 50% of the population in 2010, that is, half of the citizens. . . . . From Britain. .

According to the German Oncology website, the incidence of cancer in Germany is about 51% among men and about 43% among women.

The study concluded that about 62% of cancerous diseases were detected in people over the age of 64, and infection often occurs in the elderly during a period of their lives.

The study shows that despite this, there are many causes that a person can avoid, which raise the rates of cancer, including smoking, lack of activity and movement, eating unhealthy meals, obesity, and drinking alcohol.



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