Extend your finger with your thumb and hold for 10 seconds! (I want to know soon)

Mudras are movements done by the hands. These gestures, borrowed from meditation, are also used in yoga. Mudras are not simple finger positions, but they have many virtues and provide relaxation and well-being. Let’s find out how to perform 7 different types of mudras and their benefits.

The term mudra (sign), which originated from an Indo-European language, was used in Vedic culture. Also known as finger yoga, these movements harmonize the emotions and energy in the body, but also attract positive energies, fight stress, and calm the spirit.

According to the principles of this practice, each finger corresponds to a specific element. However, the movements and postures performed with the fingers, the elements can be linked to reduce them or make one dominant. usually :

  • The thumb is associated with fire
  • index finger in the air
  • Middle finger ether
  • The ring finger is on the ground
  • Little finger in the water
  • There are a variety of modifications. Each of them is meticulously crafted and has different virtues. Here

are 7 mudras to try:

1- Gyoyan Mudra:

how to make it?
Guyan Mudra is definitely the most popular fingering position especially for meditation and yoga. Get into the lotus position, get on your knees and join the tip of your thumb and forefinger, keeping the other fingers straight.

Guyan Mudra, also known as the attitude of wisdom, increases air element levels in the body, improves enthusiasm and develops positive thoughts and creativity. This position of the fingers also helps avoid drowsiness and enhances cognitive functions.

2- Vayu Mudra:

how to make it?
Bend your index finger, resting its tip on the base of your thumb, and press that finger against the second phalanx of your index finger to hold it in place.

Vaayu Mudra, which helps reduce the air element in the body, promotes relaxation and relaxation making it ideal for hyperactive or aggressive people. This mudra helps reduce aggression and reduce stress by facilitating the transport of oxygen in the body. It also helps calm overactive hormones and calm tense minds.

3- Prithvi Mudra:

how to make it?
Touch the end of the yearbook with the tip of your thumb and keep the other fingers straight.

Prithvi Mudra reduces the Fire element and increases the Earth element in the body. It is a powerful substance that helps reduce muscle inflammation, promote tissue growth, regulate body temperature, improve vitality and prevent dry skin.

4 – Agni Mudra or Surya Mudra

how to make it?
Fold the guide over and rest its end on the base of your thumb, then press it to secure it with your thumb.

Surya mudra is the fire mudra. So it increases this element in the body. This pose has many benefits such as improving blood circulation, relieving thyroid problems, calming digestive disorders, and facilitating digestion.

5- Varuna Mudra or Jal Mudra:

how did you do it?
Connect the tip of your little finger to the tip of your thumb, keeping the other fingers straight. It is recommended to perform this mudra while sitting with your legs crossed in front of you.

This mudra aims to increase the water element in the body and thus helps in reducing hormonal imbalances, relieving dehydration and preventing arthritis and other joint problems.
Varuna Mudra is also effective for digestive and skin problems.

6 – Shunya Mudra

how did you do it?
Bend the middle finger so that its tip touches the base of the thumb. Then place your thumb on the second phalanx of the middle finger and press on it.

This mudra is highly recommended in case of pain as it helps to relieve it. Shunya Mudra also helps calm nausea, reduce hearing problems, and relieve numbness in the muscles of the body.

7 – Prana Mudra:

how did you do it?
Bend your pinky and ring fingers and connect their ends with your thumb.

Prana Mudra helps stimulate the cognitive system, relieve chronic fatigue and weakness, strengthen the immune system and better manage emotions. This mudra also helps to revive joy and enthusiasm and improve blood circulation.

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