For these reasons, you should stop using your phone in the toilet immediately!

The mobile phone has brought the whole world together through its towers spread in every corner and place of the world, and it has given us access to anyone no matter where they are, and now it has become a great place to meet new people and communicate without the pressures and demands of real life. With technology and the latest releases, we now have most of the features of a computer in our pocket with this small device, and for all its many advantages, it is clear that the other side of the phone has recently imposed itself.

The danger of the mobile phone is unknown to many people, and you may be one of the people who are addicted to it while you are not aware of it and do not know the dangers of this addiction. According to some studies, the probability of a driver getting into a traumatic accident increases by 90% if he is busy with a mobile phone while driving, unfortunately, the majority know at every warning they keep answering, making phone calls, and using the phone while driving. . .

And not only that, with Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and similar apps taking over the phone and our lives, today most of us have lost privacy in our lives and the importance and honesty of face-to-face conversations. beauty. Because we are busy with the phone and its applications.

We have reached the point where we no longer leave the phone, not in the kitchen, not at work, not in bed, not during our private moments, and even in the bathroom and when using the toilet. With anxiety and stress we seek at all times to be away from them to use the cell phone, and all this so that we see unimportant news about others and events that we cannot reach and follow fashion news in other places in the world, for example. So we forget our lives today and what real life requires of us. This condition does not apply to people who use the Internet for work but rather includes people who depend on the use of social media, the Internet, and virtual applications.

Do not use the phone in the toilet!

Not only is mobile phone use among drug addicts this during meetings and work times, but more recently it has also been used while using the toilet. If you are one of those who do not go to the bathroom without the phone, you should stop using it to avoid many risks, including:

widespread spread of bacteria
Some studies conducted on high school students showed that mobile phone carries very harmful bacteria that can cause intestinal problems and serious diseases when using the phone, so stop using the phone while you are using the bathroom so that your phone does not carry these bacteria. It’s like food poisoning.

It limits the ability to think

Using the phone interrupts your focus on what’s going on in your life. This problem becomes a disaster if you are addicted, because you will not be able to solve your problems and think in a balanced way about everything that happens in your personal life. To solve this problem, you need to take some time away from the virtual life on the phone. So, the time you spend in the bathroom can be a good way to get away from your worries and distractions.

Pelvic floor weakness and hemorrhoids

If you spend 5 minutes every time you use the toilet, you will inevitably spend twice as much time if you use the phone inside the bathroom. In addition to the time lost, your pelvis will suffer serious problems from prolonged sitting on the toilet. The reason for these risks is spending a lot of time sitting on the toilet. Using the toilet weakens muscles, so your organs can slip and move because of the weakness of the muscles that support them, such as your bowels, bladder, and vagina.

In addition to increasing the possibility of hemorrhoids – and this idea needs scientific evidence to verify it, but in either case, using the phone while you are in the toilet may make you feel uncomfortable sometimes, but it is better not to use it to reduce the time and not suffer from these health problems, and some of them It can last for a long time.

Increase your smartphone addiction

We will not forget that the mobile phone and the Internet made our lives easier and simpler, and thanks to them we discovered countries and cultures, but this fact in turn carries risks, so we do not search for any information and we do not get tired of thinking about it while using the phone to obtain the required information without getting tired, and this addiction, according to some Studies, led teens to prefer losing their fingers over losing their social or vulgar accounts. Spread games.

Mobile phone dropped in the toilet

Confirmation I heard about someone who took the phone out of his hand while he was in the toilet causing it to break and cause permanent or temporary damage, so immediately stop bringing the mobile phone into the bathroom and using it to avoid the risk of losing the phone.

Important steps to reduce mobile phone use

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