For these reasons, you should stop using your phone in the toilet immediately!

In these ideas, we do not seek to persuade you to stop using the Internet and the telephone, but rather we seek to limit its use and reduce its level of use to safe and non-hazardous limits. Here are some ideas that some experts agree on:

Discover the big differences between your communication behind the screen and personal communication: When you communicate directly with people, you will communicate with people visually, physically and verbally, which will make you feel psychologically comfortable, calm and safe by recognizing who you are talking to and reading who they are through the languages of visual and direct physical contact, in addition to physical interaction. You will not be able to hug someone who is feeling sad, for example online.
Strengthen your social and family relationships: set times each day or week to see friends and family, try to find people who are similar to you in sports and cultural preferences to share and exchange ideas and adventures, practice your sports and artistic talents and read at least one book a month, all the options mentioned are to reduce psychological attachment via mobile phone.
Replace the cell phone when you find a solution to one problem with another: that is, if you feel that the phone takes you away from what you feel lonely, anxious and depressed, so using it is addictive and increases the problem and causes. Other risks, so always contribute to replacing it with a better solution that fits what you feel.
Turn off your phone at certain times of the day: such as leaving it on while driving and exercising, and identify some reasons and purposes for using it, such as using it to communicate with friends or just while working.

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