How can I look younger? … 20 beauty tips that beauty experts advise you to follow

At a certain age, women begin to ask themselves questions: like, “How can I look younger?” The answer is that it is not necessary to use expensive products to fight the signs of aging or resort to operations. Just resort to deception.

How can I look younger?

There are many beneficial ways to make you look younger.

Appropriate clothes, a good haircut, and makeup—all these things help you achieve this goal without a huge financial burden.

Here’s an esthetician’s tip:

Use sunscreen
Using sunscreen protects you from premature aging and the risk of UV rays breaking down the collagen and elastin in your skin.

Even if your daily moisturizer contains sunscreen, add another layer of sunscreen to protect your skin.

Your skin will look fresh all the time and everyone will be asking you the secret to your eternal youth.

Even the pores deserve attention
Your skin weakens with age, which leads to enlarged pores.

So make sure to use lukewarm water when washing your face.

This helps to open the pores, after that massage your face with the cleanser and then wash it with cold water because the cold temperatures help shrink the pores again and shrink them.

Taking care of your pores will make your skin look fresher and younger day after day.

It’s time to change
Change your hair color to two shades lighter than your natural color.

This is a beauty expert’s advice for anyone who wants to look younger.

Since your skin color changes with age, the darker color makes it dull, so you should resort to this trick.

Take care of your hair density
Your hair is getting thinner every year which makes it look flat, especially fine hair.

Add volume to your hair by using a volumizing spray at the roots when your hair is damp or by using hairspray when your hair is dry to add volume.

Take vitamins
Strengthen your hair with supplements rich in biotin (to increase hair growth) or vitamin E to boost elasticity.

In fact, nourishing hair starts from the inside.

If you ever get bored with your overall look, switch it up right away.

Wear a fun pink sweater for example, or wear dresses if you always wear pants.

Revamping your appearance gives you a boost that makes you look instantly younger.

Add shine
The lack of shine in your hair is what makes you look older, and gray hair is completely innocent of it.

When your hair color fades, it loses one of its protective layers, which makes it look dull.

You can resort to hair products that nourish and add shine, and their use will solve this problem for you.

Shiny eyes
Apply a little cream on the eyelids, as using powder can help highlight fine lines around the eyes and, in turn, show wrinkles.

Don’t forget your neck
To look younger, it is important to take care of your neck (and chest), as well as your face.

Use a gentle exfoliating scrub twice a week to keep skin soft and promote cell turnover.

Even out your skin
Don’t forget to apply a primer before applying makeup, as this will reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

To reduce age spots and dark circles around the eyes, use concealer.

Make sure to use shades that match your skin tone and add a subtle sheen with the right tools.

Use natural oils
The body’s production of oils slows down over the years, causing skin to look dull.

To fight aging, add a drop of face oil to your foundation.

Try jojoba oil, for example, which helps balance your complexion. Almond oil and coconut oil are also great options for boosting skin radiance.

Accept Change
Trade your black shoes for silver or gold shoes – these easy-to-match colors are the new neutrals.

Experiment with accessories and be bold in choosing your look.

Take care of your skin
There are many daily practices that help tighten your skin.

For example, make a cup of red tea, pour it into an ice cube tray and let it freeze, then wrap the cubes in a cloth and massage your face to tighten the skin.

Take care of your lips
It is possible for the density of the lips to decrease with age so that they do not appear as they were in the days of youth.

However, you can achieve a fuller smile by using lip liner.

Use a pencil in a color close to your original lip color and line your mouth with it before applying lip gloss. For more shine, use lip gloss as well.

Make it with little
Do not overuse anti-aging creams.

Too much on your skin can irritate it, so use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer enriched with sunscreen instead.

Black eyeliner is too sharp and can make your eyes look tired, instead use light brown eyeliner on top of your eyelashes to hide the wrinkles.

You should also avoid using glitter for the eyelids, as it helps show wrinkles.

Magic turmeric mask
Unprotected sun exposure can damage your skin, leaving it looking dull, blotchy, and older than it really is.

To save your skin from this fate, use turmeric, a spice with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

You can prepare a turmeric mask by mixing 2 tablespoons of yogurt, 2 tablespoons of turmeric powder, and 1 tablespoon of chickpea flour in a small bowl.

Use the mask once a month for 10 minutes, then wash your face with lukewarm water.

Cut the bangs
Side bangs help define your face and hide those fine horizontal lines that get deeper over the years. It also works with any haircut.

Fight wrinkles the way you sleep
Dermatologists can determine which side you sleep on just by looking at your face.

Therefore, doctors recommend sleeping on your back to prevent wrinkles from getting worse.

Eye shadow can appear wrinkled with age, so avoid heavy eye shadow powder and replace it with a transparent cream with a soft texture that glides on the skin more easily.

Choose a slightly shimmery shade to add sparkle to your eyes.

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