How to lengthen nails with lemon

Lemon is an acidic substance that contains many vitamins that help to strengthen and lengthen the nails, and it also helps in whitening the nails greatly.

Lemon and salt nail extensions
Lemon and salt are ingredients that promote nail growth and make them whiter. It also gives the nails an attractive and distinctive look. Salt also cleans nails from bacteria and fungi that weaken and break them easily. Lemon gives the nails the vitamins needed to make them shine and can be used as follows. …

the components

a piece of lemon
Teaspoon salt
how to use

Add lemon juice and salt and mix well.
The mixture is placed on the nails and massaged well.
Wear gloves and leave the mixture on the nails overnight.

Lemon for nail extension
Short and weak nails are among the most common problems that women face and force them to resort to artificial solutions such as nail gels, plastics, and others, but lemon juice contains vitamins and minerals that strengthen nails and make them grow faster. Lemon can be used in several ways, including the following:

The first way

Put lemon juice in a bowl.
We dip a cotton ball in it and pass it several times on the fingers with a light massage.
Finally, we wash the nails with water and apply a suitable moisturizer.
The second way

Add a few drops of olive oil to the lemon juice and heat it up.
Dip your nails in the mixture and massage it well.
Leave the mixture on the nails for a few hours or overnight.
The third method

Take a medium bowl and a small brush.
We put lemon juice and a little warm water and put nails in it for at least 10 minutes.
Then we use the brush to clean and around the nails until we remove all the bacteria, fungus, dust, etc.
We repeat this method daily until we get clean and shiny nails.
Fourth method

Take a few cloves of garlic and chop it finely.
Mix chopped garlic with olive oil and heat slightly.
And we massage nails with this mixture for 5 minutes a day.
We put on gloves before going to bed, and in the morning we wash our nails well and apply a suitable moisturizer.

Benefits of lemon for nails
Lemon contains strong acidic substances such as pantothenic acid, in addition to many vitamins such as vitamin C, iron, potassium, phosphorus, and other substances that help lengthen nails and make them stronger and shiny.

Helps accelerate nail growth
It makes the nails bright white and rid them of their yellowness.
Makes nails stronger and stronger so they don’t break easily.
Cleans nails and makes them more shiny.
Nails get rid of bacteria and fungi.

How to clean nails with lemon
There are many ways to use lemon to clean and strengthen nails, and we will guide you to the two easiest ways that you can use at home and with simple ingredients, as follows…

The first way

Take a lemon and cut it in half.
We rub the nails with half a lemon in a circular motion until we notice that the nails are completely clean.
We repeat this method daily or at least twice a week.
The second way

Take a bowl and put some lemon juice, baking soda and a small brush in it.
We put the nails in this bowl for at least 10 minutes.
Then we use the brush to clean the nails and around them from dead skin, bacteria and other dirt that we are exposed to daily.
We continue cleaning until we get the desired result, then we wash the nails well.
Dry it with a cotton towel and apply the appropriate moisturizer.
Do not repeat this method more than twice a week.


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