How to make your ex-boyfriend miss you

After a breakup, no matter how you broke up, no matter who dumped whom, you probably want to make him want to miss you. If your motive is revenge, then any attempt to fulfill that desire will only lead to more pain. But if you are looking for tips on getting them back, you may find some success if you follow the tips below.

Give him time to miss you

Don’t start talking to him.

Usually, you have to wait a while (from two weeks to a whole month) before trying to contact them. Trying to talk to him will leave the false impression that you miss him, which, oddly enough, is not the right move if you want him to miss you. Also, maintaining communication between the two of you will prevent this because you are already talking constantly. [1]
Right after a breakup, you’ll find him convinced you’ll be the first to give in, forcing you to try to contact him before he does. After a week or two of not talking to him, he’ll start to get upset and upset that you haven’t tried to contact him yet. After another couple of weeks, he will try to find out why you haven’t called him, which will make him think of you all the time, which will eventually make him realize that he misses you too.

Don’t call him or even reply to his messages.

During the first weeks of separation, do not respond to him, even if he initiates contact. He’s probably trying to heal himself temporarily with a quick phone call between the two of you. If you want to make him nostalgic, take your time away from him more.

Leave the city for a while.

One way to prevent any form of communication between the two of you is to take a short vacation. That way, you won’t run into them and it’s a good opportunity to reassure yourself

Take the time to collect yourself.

Another, more important reason to break up with him is your desire to heal. It’s normal to feel sad after breaking up with him. Also use this time to assess the impact of the relationship, especially if you are trying to rekindle it. [4]
Don’t spend this month at home. Do the things you love alone or with your friends. Try to get used to living independently. All of this will help you improve your outlook on the entire relationship in case you get it back. [5]
Also, if you maintain your appearance and health, you will quickly make him want to come back to you.

Don’t chase him.

You will not be able to occupy the space you need in this case. And you would look desperate if he found out; This will cause him to distance himself from you instead of missing you. [6]
Harassment includes “real” surveillance (like sitting outside his house waiting for him to leave or return, calling him at 3am without a word, chasing him around) and cyberbullying (obsessing over all his social media updates, be it pictures Or else, eavesdrop on an email). the password you guessed recently, etc.)

Don’t tell the world your grief. Which means don’t report it on social media, or wherever your ex-boyfriend follows you. Never talk about breaking up. It will pique his curiosity and he will miss you. [7]

give yourself to me

Meet new friends.

This will help you feel strong and confident, and will also be a good opportunity to grow and change for the better. This way you will prove your ability to create a social life without it. If you have mutual friends, don’t complain about any of them, and spending time with the same people you used to go out with before the breakup will only hinder the healing process.

Meet new friends.

This will help you feel strong and confident, and will also be a good opportunity to grow and change for the better. This way you will prove your ability to create a social life without it. If you have mutual friends, don’t complain about any of them, and spending time with the same people you used to go out with before the breakup will only hinder the healing process.

Go out on romantic dates with others.

You have the right to do whatever you want, so go out and have fun. And if the news reaches him that you are dating someone else, this may arouse his jealousy, which will make him miss him more than he imagined. [8]
It is possible that the affair will turn into a new love, which will make you realize that you do not need your ex after all.

Take up a new hobby.

Restore your happiness and enthusiasm for life, the more you take care of yourself, the more attractive you will be. If he finds out that you’re doing new things without him, he’ll miss you even more. [9]
This method can make him jealous because you are enjoying your time without him.
It will also help transform the familiar into something completely new. The more you care about yourself and strive for self-expression, the more you will want to be a part of your life to witness this transformation.

takes care.

After a breakup, you will want to lose control of yourself and eat unhealthy fast food. Do not give in to these desires. Instead, eat healthy meals and exercise. You will feel better which will make you prettier. [10]

Take care of your appearance.

You don’t need a whole new wardrobe or a whole make-up to get a new look. Try a new haircut or wear something no one else has seen. Just wearing a new scarf will make you different and boost your confidence. Not only will getting a new look make him jealous, but it will also make you feel better about yourself.
The idea here is to control yourself. Buy simple new things to feel better and look prettier, but be careful not to waste them or get into debt.
Remember now is not the time to make tough decisions about your body, avoid plastic surgery, and don’t get permanent tattoos.

Open the door to communication again

be nice

When your paths cross again, be calm. Smile and speak kindly. You will remind him of your good qualities and leave the impression that you are not negatively affected by the breakup.

Try sending a simple message first.

Texting is a good way to start communicating again. He can’t stand the pressure of a phone call, and gives the other the space to respond whenever they want. [11]

Start talking about interesting things.

After ignoring her for a month, your first contact should be smooth and tidy. [12]
For example: “I heard a sequel to So-and-so was being made. I know how much you liked the first one, so I reminded you as soon as I found out.” You could also say, “I heard your favorite song on the radio today, and it made me smile.” By reminding him of your beautiful moments, he will miss your company even more. [13]

Think of a good memory you both had earlier.

Reminding him of the good times will help him remember the reasons he fell in love with you in the first place, which will make him feel nostalgic for you. [14]
Try something like, “Remember that time we tried to go to that fancy restaurant, but got lost? I can’t believe we missed our reservation, but I’m glad we did. Eating hot dogs with you on the beach is one of the best memories I’ve ever had.”

Be the girl he fell in love with before.

When you met him at the beginning of your relationship, your approach was definitely different than it was at the end. Try to be yourself at first, be a fun and playful person, and that way you can restore the attraction to the relationship. [15]
The outcome of this method will certainly depend on the amount of change that has occurred during the relationship itself, if you relatively neglect your relationship at its end, this method can work.
But in the event that your relationship has turned you into another completely inconsiderate and exploitative person, this method will do more harm than good.

Be balanced.

Even after you pick up the conversation, don’t look hysterical, let him know how much you miss him without sounding miserable. The plan is to give him the chance to see you like he used to, while also giving him the chance to miss you. [16]
Give him the opportunity to start talking twice as often as you do.

Show him pictures of your new life.

Share your pics by posting them on social media if he’s on your friends list, but if you delete him, you can text some of them. [17]

Show interest on important occasions.

Mentioning important dates, such as her birthday or Christmas, is a good way to express her affection. These little compliments will make him feel like he’s always on your mind, without making it seem like you’re only thinking about him.
Do not remind him by congratulating him on your birthday, so as not to confuse him.
Express your affection in a simple way, such as by sending a greeting card, and don’t buy anything expensive.

Don’t get distracted.

You can use jealousy to your advantage if you use it right, but often most people act recklessly in an attempt to make others jealous, which makes them feel hopeless. Don’t do something light and obvious, like going out with one of his friends. [18]


Stop thinking about getting revenge on him. If your boyfriend breaks up with you, you will feel an overwhelming urge to get revenge, and you may think that one way to do that is to make him miss your presence. It might actually work out, but that won’t stop you from feeling the pain and heartbreak of the breakup. If your desire for revenge was the main reason, then you better try to forget all about it.
You must understand that the desired outcome, which is to make him miss you, is uncertain. You can successfully do all of the previous steps, but they will not lead to what you want if he has already passed you without wanting to return to you.

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