How to remove 30 pounds of waste from the colon by 8 p.m

It’s weird to think that 20-30 pounds of waste can get stuck in the colon, but by the way, the colon is a pretty giant blob. When we describe an annual colon flush, for example, it is for exemplary well-being.

The waste that most of the body’s organs kill ends up in the colon.

In the event that the colon does not come out completely or there is a blockage, it can negatively affect your health and start to cause damage to the body. In extreme cases, fatal development can cause permanent disease.

Due to lethal overload, some organs may weaken.

This often happens these days because our power plants are high in harmful synthetic pollutants and substances, and just waking up early in the day and going about your day exposes your body to something very similar. .

Regular manifestations of toxic colon cancer:

Bowel secretions, heartburn, obstruction, stomach pain, gas, swelling,

Muscle and joint pain

Weak immunity, skin rashes, bladder problems, vaginal diseases,

Fatigue, mood swings, fog of mind, nervousness, poor memory, frustration,

It’s so powerful you’ll never encounter a “stopped” colon again. Here are some recommendations, and it’s up to you to choose what works best for your body.

Maple syrup colon cleanse


2 tablespoons of natural maple syrup (grade B)
Half a teaspoon of natural hot pepper
12 ounces of filtered water
1 fresh lemon, finely mashed


You need to mix everything well and drink it 4 times a day on an empty stomach for about fourteen days.

You don’t have to starve yourself

Eat a moderate carbohydrate diet without cutting back, despite what regular stress diets suggest.

However, if you don’t drink anything, and do a seven-day colon/stress flush, you’ll be healthier, but that’s on the basis that you don’t eat, not on the basis of “detoxing” your body. “With water, glycogen gets pumped into your muscles. If you follow a reduced-calorie diet, you’ll go through your glycogen stores and lose water weight with it.

When you return to your normal eating routine, you will return to your ideal water weight. It lacks fat, fiber and protein. Some cleansers recommend avoiding exercise when exercising because your calorie intake is too low, which leads to fatigue and dizziness.

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