I never imagined toothpaste could do so much. Check out these 20 amazing hacks!

Did you know that toothpaste can help you do more than just clean your teeth? Keep reading the article below to discover 20 cool toothpaste hacks!

polished silver

The cost of cleaning silverware is significant, but you should know that you can clean silverware safely with toothpaste. Just rub the silverware a little and it will easily restore its shine.

Car headlights

Here’s a great life tip: clean your car headlights with toothpaste and they’ll be like new!

Cleaning old piano keys

Ugly old piano keys can be cleaned with toothpaste – try the trick and you will be amazed at the results!

Shoe cleaning

A little toothpaste cleans dirt from all kinds of shoes.

Foggy swimming goggles

Cleaning your glasses with toothpaste will leave a film on them and prevent them from fogging up.

Water stains on the tables

Stubborn water stains on your table can be easily removed with toothpaste.

Ink stains on shirts

Don’t you hate having a pen sticking to your shirt? If you’ve ever had this problem, you know how difficult it can be to remove ink. But don’t worry, this toothpaste is here to save you! Just put some on the stain, let it dry, and wash the shirt the next day. here! Your shirt is like new!

dye spots

Just like ink stains, toothpaste can effectively remove hair dye stains from towels.

Mosquito bites

Mosquito bites cause annoying little bumps on the skin, but fortunately rubbing toothpaste on them will reduce itching and irritation.


Toothpaste is an old trick against acne and pimples! Leave it to dry overnight and it will be gone by morning!

Clean the iron

Polishing your iron with some toothpaste will clean it and make it shiny again.

Clean your smartphone

Clean your mobile screen with some toothpaste to make it look like new.

Clean your shoes

Toothpaste can make your shoes look like new and also eliminate bad odor.

carpet stains

Toothpaste can penetrate even the deepest stains on your carpet, so be sure to use it the next time you spill some wine or coffee.

Nail polish

Did you know that toothpaste is a great nail polish remover? Rub some on your nails to remove the polish and give it a fresh scent.

dirty hands

The next time your hands are dirty, clean them with some toothpaste to remove all the dirt easily.

Clean the thermos

Thermos can give off an unpleasant smell over time. To get rid of the smell and make it fresh, fill a thermos with water, add some toothpaste and shake well. This will disinfect the thermos as well.

Scratch CDs and DVDs

Have you ever sealed a CD because of scratches? Try this trick: rub some toothpaste on it and you’ll be playing again! Amazing, isn’t it?

Remove car scratches

Put some toothpaste on a soft cloth and rub it into the stains on your car and it will be shiny again.

Hang posters

Toothpaste can also be used as glue. Just put some on each side of the decal and stick it on the wall. If you want to remove it, the toothpaste will not damage the wall.

These are just some of the amazing uses for toothpaste. Go buy more tubes – they will definitely come in handy sometimes.

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