If your kidneys are in danger, your body will give you these 10 signs

Millions of people around the world suffer from kidney disease, but most of them do not know it because they are not aware of the signs that reveal these lesions. What are the most important of these signs? How are symptoms of deteriorating kidney function recognized?

Here we share with you ten signs that someone has a kidney disease:

1- Sleep disorders: When the handles fail to perform their role of purification and filtering well, toxins remain in the blood and are not excreted with urine, which in turn leads to difficulty sleeping. There is also an association between obesity and chronic kidney disease. In addition, the patient often has breathing difficulties.

2- Permanent fatigue and lack of concentration: The accumulation of toxins (or toxins) in the blood leads to a permanent feeling of exhaustion and general weakness, and also leads to a decrease in the ability to concentrate.

3- Dryness and itching of the skin: It is a sign of an advanced stage of kidney disease, as the kidneys are no longer able to play their role in achieving the correct balance of minerals in the blood, as reported by the “Huffington Post” website.

4- You feel the need to urinate, especially at night.

5- The appearance of blood in the urine: a healthy bridle that preserves blood cells in the body when purifying them from waste and forming urine. But when the kidneys are sick, their functions are disrupted and the blood cells are in the urine.

6- Foamy urine: This is due to the formation of many bubbles in the bladder, due to the large amount of protein that leaks from the blood in the urine.

7- A tumor in the eye: This is also due to large amounts of protein leaking into the urine instead of being transmitted from the blood to the parts of the body that need protein. The area around the eyes swells due to a lack of protein.

8- Swollen feet and joints: These are common signs. But it may be due to liver disease.

9- Lack of appetite: a general symptom that has many causes. But the reason may be the accumulation of a toxic substance (poison).

10—Muscle tension: It occurs due to kidney problems. and also due to the low levels of calcium and phosphorus in the body.

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