People with two holes in their backs are distinguished

Having dimples is a distinctive feature and beauty mark for some people. It is a deep depression found on the cheeks, upper lip, chin, or back. If you have those two little dimples on your lower back and want to know what they mean, read this article!

What do back dimples mean and where did they come from?

These sacroiliac dimples are commonly called the salt shaker of Venus in women and the salt shaker of Apollo in men (referring to the god of beauty and goddess of love). They form where two bones meet the pelvis and are only seen in people with suitable ligaments or a genetic predisposition. The presence of these two dimples also indicates that your body is low in fat and that you have good blood circulation.

In addition to being beautiful, Venus salt shakers promise a great orgasm. Good circulation in the pelvis makes it easier for a woman to reach orgasm.

What do other dimples reveal?

Not everyone sees these pretty piercings on their cheeks, chin, or upper lip.

The dimples on the cheeks make you irresistible!
It is no coincidence that half of the stars have these dimples on their cheeks. They add charm and attractiveness to a person’s face. In some cultures, these dimples are the secrets of youth and wisdom and whoever wears them is very lucky. But science gives another meaning. Dimples are actually a birth defect that can be inherited. This indentation is achieved by stretching the short facial muscles. Boils can form during fetal development, and you can even see them on an ultrasound.

The dimple on the chin, a very original feature!
This small detail is due to the cheekbone, which is the facial muscle that starts at the lower jawbone and connects the corner of the lips to the cheekbone.

The dimple on the chin is an asset of magic and a symbol of strong character. It is a sign of determination, will and even selfishness in women and a sign of strength, courage and a sense of responsibility in men. However, there is a slight difference between a dimple and a cleft palate. The latter is sharper and thinner than boiling.

Dimples are caused by genetics. If you have any of them, you can pass them on to your kids!

Dumbbell on the lip or “angel’s footprint”
This dimple is located below the nose and in the middle of the upper lip and is called the philtrum. According to some beliefs, this dimple is created by an angel who places his finger in this exact spot before the baby is born so that the baby will forget all the events and memories of the pregnancy. From the point of view of science, the philtrum denotes the fusion site of different parts of the face. The face forms and develops during the second and third months of pregnancy, and all the bones of the skull, face, and head gradually come together. If there is a poor union of the regions during this development, abnormalities such as a cleft lip or cleft palate will appear.

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