Reasons for body twitching during sleep

Body tremor during sleep is one of the things that may be exposed to during sleep, as millions of people suffer from tremors during sleep, which affects sleep and causes a defect, and the person suddenly wakes up from sleep feeling shivering. Falling to the ground, and this tremor is strong in all or part of the body, but it is sufficient to awaken the person from the deepest sleep, and it is possible that the person will be exposed to this problem more than once. . During the period of deep sleep, which leads to insomnia.

Reasons for the body’s uprising during sleep

The body is exposed to tremors during the sleep period for many reasons, including the following.

1- The body is exposed during sleep, especially during the first period of entering sleep, to a slow heartbeat and a feeling of calm, then the body temperature gradually decreases, and here the body is exposed to shivering immediately.

2- Also, the nature of the body during sleep changes the muscles, and then the body is exposed to that uprising.

3- A natural reaction occurs from the body or the brain in particular, as the process of muscle relaxation is one of the things that happen to the body when falling from a high place, and then the brain interprets muscle relaxation as a state of falling. . . . . And the body must be alerted to this problem through the uprising.

4- Many studies indicate that consuming large amounts of caffeine leads to the body feeling this problem.

5- This may happen as a result of putting in a lot of effort before going to sleep, which affects the whole body.

6- In addition to the fact that people who suffer from problems sleeping on the floor and psychological pressure and tension are among the things that increase the occurrence of the Intifada as well.

7- This problem is not considered a serious health problem, as 70% of the world’s population is exposed to this problem.

8- This problem may occur as a result of exposure to a collision, including the leg hitting the bed, for example.

9- Sometimes a person may not remember that he was exposed to this health problem.

10- Adults are more susceptible to this health problem than children and youth, and it is more severe during youth than at other ages.

11- Many side effects are likely to occur as a result of exposure to stimuli during sleep, including biting the tongue or wetting the bed and other problems.


Addressing the problem of lifting the body in a natural way

Through some natural herbs or natural methods, it is possible to get rid of the problem of shaking the body during sleep and get a peaceful sleep. Among these natural methods are the following.

1- Do more exercises that purify the mind, with the need not to do these exercises right before bed.

2- Do not take large amounts of stimulants, especially after eight o’clock in the evening.

3- Strengthening the nerves by eating large quantities of healthy meals that contain a large percentage of magnesium and calcium, in addition to eating nuts that contain a large percentage of fatty acids.

4- Listen to the Holy Quran or calm music that helps you sleep calmly and quietly.

5- Clean the mattress well before going to bed to get rid of bed bugs and bacteria that cause insomnia while sleeping.

6- Doing more sports activities during the day that do not affect the body or cause great stress in the body, such as drawing, coloring, and other things that help purify the mind.

7- During the dinner period, it is preferable not to eat meals that contain a large percentage of fat, and it is better to eat only light meals while sleeping to get rid of stress and anxiety.

8- Drink a cup of hot milk with honey right before bed, as it is one of the things that help calm the body and sleep immediately without feeling stressed.

9- Practicing meditation and relaxation exercises to relieve stress.


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