Report of painful blisters on the scalp

Causes of scalp pimples

It is known that each disease has its causes that differ from the other disease. The reasons for the appearance of pimples on the scalp are due to skin diseases, which are often the result of bacterial diseases, and this is what ultimately leads to the appearance of pimples on the scalp, which are known to be caused by the presence of pimples. bacteria in these areas.

Types of pimples on the scalp and what do they indicate

There are many types of pimples that appear on the scalp, and they also indicate the presence of many diseases or viruses that may be present in the head. For example, it may indicate the presence of chickenpox in children, and it may indicate the presence of acne, for example. It may also be caused by the presence of sebaceous cysts that appear in the form of granules in the head, and it may also be a result of impetigo, and it may be the result of the presence of folliculitis in the hair, and it may be the result of the stage of keratinization in the head, which appears as boils in the head, in addition to that it can be As a result of boils disease.

Ways to prevent scalp pimples

Methods for preventing the appearance of scalp pimples are summarized in treating the hair follicles, such as continuous cleaning of the scalp, in addition to eating meals full of minerals and vitamins that nourish the hair, reducing stress that negatively affects the scalp, and an attempt to reduce sweat because it is one of the main causes that lead to head infections. . Using scalp care products, and trying to eat and use things that help expand hair follicles.

Treat scalp pimples at home without medication

Apple cider vinegar is a versatile product. As a treatment for some health problems, you can put an equal amount of vinegar and water, mix them well, apply them, and use them to rinse the hair, as this helps in balancing the hair. The pH of the scalp, lemon juice, you can mix lemon juice with water in equal quantities and rinse the hair with it, and you can replace the water with rose water, because it is more effective, which is tea tree oil, because it contains antifungal. And antibacterial as well, and antiviral as well, you can mix it with water, lavender, and olive oil, rinse your hair with it, and use it as an anti-dandruff shampoo.

When do you go to the doctor

A doctor is sought in the event that it is not possible to get rid of these pills through the home or natural remedies, as it is said, so doctors are advised in such cases to resort to them, and we recommend using some creams that help to obtain them. Get rid of scalp pills like Fusidic, gentamicin cream, and cream. Mupirocin and other antibiotics help get rid of these pills.

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