Signs of high acidity in the body and how to fix it

Bodily fluids such as saliva, urine, and blood play a vital role in the functioning of the body. However, the excessive build-up of acids in these fluids can lead to serious illnesses and health problems. Learn how to fix these issues and put yourself on the path to better health below.

What is acidity?
Acidity or acidosis refers to the amount of acid accumulated in our body. For bodily fluids to do their job, we need to maintain a healthy pH of 7.0 or higher. Anything below this number is considered acidic.

You may have excess acid in your body if you have one or more of these conditions:

Struggling to lose weight
Osteoporosis / Osteoporosis
Dental problems
tiredness or restlessness
an increase in mucus
Skin problems
Our body becomes more acidic for many reasons. All kinds of foods we eat and our beverage choices affect acid buildup in our bodies. Alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, and sugar increase acidity levels in the body. The air we breathe and environmental factors can also have an effect on the formation of acidosis.

How do we deal with it
Although you may feel like the damage has already been done, it is easily repairable. Follow these tips to help rid your body of acid buildup:

Stay hydrated – One of the easiest ways to neutralize the acids in your body is to consume alkaline water. Alkaline water provides the excellent hydration your body needs. By staying hydrated, your body will naturally get rid of excess acid through your digestive system.

Eliminate waste – Processed foods, sugary drinks, caffeine, and alcohol affect acid levels in the body. They strip calcium and magnesium from our muscles and bones, leaving us vulnerable to osteoporosis and other diseases.

Change your diet – Eating well goes hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle, but it’s what you eat that helps neutralize the acids in your body. Green leafy vegetables such as kale, broccoli, watercress and celery contain alkaline properties that can counteract acids. Dried fruits and seafood (salmon and mackerel) provide calcium and magnesium that your body loses due to acidosis.

Rid your body of harmful acids and toxins by eating a healthy diet of the right foods, exercising, and staying hydrated.

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