Signs of toxic love relationships and their damage

Signs of a toxic relationship and when does a toxic relationship end? The harm and impact of toxic romantic relationships, relationship repair advice, and coping advice

There is nothing more beautiful than romantic relationships, but there are toxic and unhealthy romantic relationships that drain your energy and cause many problems for the relationship, which may lead to separation, and separation can become the perfect solution, so what are the signs and harm? ? Toxic love relationships? Read on to find out the answer.

Signs of toxic relationships

The signs of toxic romantic relationships can sometimes be subtle or very obvious. These points will help you know if you are involved in a toxic romantic relationship if you find some in yourself, your partner, or the relationship itself: [1,2]

Lack of support:

If your partner is not the one you rush to tell that you got a promotion at work to support you and be happy with your joy, or that you have a problem with someone who supports and supports you, know that you are in an abusive situation. Romantic relationship.

Toxic links:

For example, he does not listen to you, or he ends the topic you are talking about without reaching a radical solution, or he is silent and does not want to talk and discuss topics of interest to you, which makes you explode with his silence. Or not satisfied with sterile dialogue after talking to each other.
Excessive jealousy
Jealousy is one of the signs of love, but if it goes beyond its limits and becomes a problem and creates life between you, then it is unhealthy.
Trying to control your behavior: It suffocates you with its many laws that it imposes on you and limits you in the way you speak, interact with others, dress, go out and communicate with others.
Hate and Don’t Ignore Mistakes: We all make mistakes, but if your partner can’t ignore your mistakes and forgive you for them, keep reminding you of them every now and then, and if you feel the urge, then this is one of the signs of a toxic romantic relationship.

Lying and betrayal:

There are behaviors that should not be tolerated in a partner, such as cheating on you repeatedly or even once without remorse, lying to you that makes you lose and makes you prefer not to talk to him than to listen to his lies.
Negative behaviors related to money:
As if he is a thief or a miser, or earns his money illegally, or also tries to take and take possession of your money.

Ignoring your needs:

He may ignore your emotional or innate needs, which makes you tense all the time, or he may demand them from another source, such as a wife who does not allow her husband to approach her except at specific and rare times. He asks her to do that and he has to come close.

Abuse in all its forms:

He can abuse you mentally, physically or even emotionally.
Isolation from your outside world: Your partner may ask you to isolate yourself from the outside world of your family and friends as if he wants you for himself alone because of his selfishness in the relationship or for any other reason, and you can isolate yourself from it. He. She. Without asking because you are starting to feel addicted to this partner and you don’t want the world to be anything else. .
Blocking you from personal or work achievement: If your partner gets in your way, for example, when you get a promotion or your creativity at your job because they don’t want your professional or even personal success, you’re in an abusive relationship.
Makes you insecure: Your partner may continue to break you down, whether between you and him or in front of people, blame you and blame you for your sins, and may be among those who find you flawed. Every once in a while, it makes you feel suspicious of yourself like there’s nothing you can do.
If you feel insecure in your relationship with your loved one for any reason, you are in an abusive relationship.
You are his last priority: he forgets the things that worry you, doesn’t put you on his priority list and worries about everything but you.

Chronic stress and anxiety:

It’s normal for any relationship between two people to go through periods of anxiety and stress, but if your relationship is going through very difficult times filled with endless worry and stress, no matter how hard you try, that’s it. Signs of romantic relationships

Effects of toxic love relationships
A person may think that the presence of love in the relationship is sufficient to solve all the problems that he and his partner may face in the relationship, but the truth is that love alone is not enough to maintain relationships and make them healthy. There are toxic love relationships that cause severe harm to the partner or even to the person himself, and this is the reason for the toxicity of the relationship. What are the harms of toxic love relationships? [3,4]

Low self-confidence and self-esteem: You may feel that you are not qualified for love and marriage, that you are a failure or that you depend on your partner for everything and that you cannot do anything on your own…
Because this relationship prevents you from developing: Toxic love relationships prevent you from developing personal, professional, or relationships, which greatly affects you now and in the future.
Harm your health: A toxic relationship increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, general fatigue, and a weakened immune system. Toxic love relationships may also slow wound healing. It also increases your stress and anger for trivial reasons, which are stressful and damage your nerves.
Separation is better than going on: Because staying alone without your partner is better than staying in a toxic love relationship with them. Being away from him doesn’t mean you’re alone, just as you can provide for yourself on your own, and you’ll be better off and healthier without him even if you don’t find another partner.
Because your exit from this relationship makes room in your heart for other relationships: there may be another worthy partner waiting for you, or you may become more interested in positive friendships and be a friend who inspires you in your life.
Because you are a role model for your children: If you are verbally, psychologically or physically abused, for example, in front of your children, it will be stored in their subconscious mind and will influence their choice of partners and their interaction with them. You may also lose your respect in front of them because you lose your confidence.
Breaking up indicates your strength: Since leaving a toxic partner after trying to fix the relationship indicates your strength and victory, you have to challenge yourself, overcome them, and transcend your desires by choosing to leave and withdraw from the toxic relationship. Prove to yourself that you are a strong person and can stand on your own two feet without relying on someone else’s presence in your life.

Tips for fixing a toxic love relationship

You don’t have to end a toxic love relationship right away. You can first give chances to this relationship to try to fix it, but this requires the cooperation of both parties in finding a solution to save the relationship. Because he didn’t acknowledge that the problem existed in the first place, he might blame you and accuse you of claiming things that didn’t exist in the first place and that you wanted to give him up…which – unfortunately – won’t solve the problem in most cases. [1]

Here are some helpful tips for fixing a toxic love relationship:

That both of you have self-awareness: and take responsibility for the success of the relationship, so how can the relationship be repaired if one of the parties does not care about it, or if he lacks self-awareness! Both of you must first acknowledge the problem and then work together to resolve it.
Be patient: give the relationship more than one chance, love relationships deserve you to compromise and give chances, remember that no human being is perfect, and most of our mistakes are fixable.
Talk about the problem with the partner openly: talk to him about your relationship, tell him all your worries and troubles in this relationship, and suggest some ways to fix it. And don’t forget to choose the right place and time to speak.
Choose your words: talk to your partner nicely, tell them you want to improve, and make your relationship with them work so that both of you can enjoy comfort and happiness in the relationship. Avoid swearing, shouting, nervousness, throwing accusations, and generalizing. Instead of telling him, “You don’t always hear me,” say, “I felt like you didn’t hear me when you pulled out your phone and started playing with it while we were talking.”
Don’t Exaggerate: Of course, part of repairing a relationship will likely involve addressing some past events, but that shouldn’t be the only focus for moving forward in your relationship, and going through past events should be fast.
Look at the motives behind your partner’s negative behaviors: He may be stressed at work, he may be going through a financial crisis, or he may have had difficult situations in the past that he could not overcome. Of course, there is no excuse for making a mistake, but understanding the motives can help you find solutions and make sense of the matter. more.
Stay away from your partner for a while: so that he knows your worth and seriousness, you can reduce his dependence on him if you depend on him, dare to go out on your usual outings alone or without telling him … you can do it. All you want is to make him feel inferior and that you can live without him.
Accepting help if necessary: Of course, one of the basics of resolving any problem between the two partners is to keep it in the strictest confidence, but sometimes it requires the intervention of a friend or wise person who may be a family member of one of them, or even the help of a psychologist or family specialist in some cases. times.

When should a toxic love relationship end?

When you discover that you are engaged in a toxic love relationship with your partner, and that you have exhausted all possible avenues to repair the toxic love relationship, either through an individual effort on your own or in collaboration with your partner, but you have not done so. I did it. When you do this, you will be able to do so. A solution to the problem has been found, this relationship must be terminated immediately. It may not be easy at first, especially if there is love between you or if your partner is a narcissist for example, but you have to be strong and get out of this relationship to win yourself.
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If you are in a toxic love relationship and still need help even after reading this article, we advise you to share your problem with us in detail to get some suggested solutions from the team of specialists in solving it, and benefit from the solutions and experiences from our readers as well. All you have to do is share your status with us here.

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