The benefits of drinking hot water and the best times to take it

Hot water has many health and physical benefits. Therefore, it is recommended to drink hot water daily, especially on an empty stomach and before bed.

Hot water may not taste good and be liked by many people, but this should not be a reason to deny the benefits of drinking hot water to the body. Learn about the benefits of drinking hot water.

Benefits of drinking hot water
The following are a set of benefits that accrue to the body from drinking hot water:

1- Reducing nasal congestion

When the water is hot, it will release steam that helps relieve sinus blockage and reduce headaches.

Drinking hot water also helps warm the mucous membranes and soothe a sore throat.

2- Helps digestion

One of the benefits of drinking hot water is to stimulate the digestive system, as the water moves through the intestines and stomach to keep the digestive system moist and able to get rid of waste.

Water also dissolves and breaks down the things we eat that can hinder digestion.

3- Calming the central nervous system

One of the benefits of drinking hot water is to calm the central nervous system and lubricate the body, thus reducing the feeling of aches and pains.

For example, hot water helps relieve arthritis, as it calms the central nervous system.

4- Reducing constipation

One of the benefits of drinking hot water is its role in shrinking the intestines, and the ease of getting rid of old waste in it that is difficult to excrete from the body.

Thus, drinking hot water regularly reduces constipation.

5- Maintaining body moisture

Whether you drink hot or cold water, it will lead to the same result in hydrating the body, but hot water will be more beneficial.

And with the regularity of drinking a cup of hot water in the morning and another in the evening, you have 6 cups left to drink throughout the day, whether cold or hot water.

6- Helping to lose weight

Drinking hot water stimulates the body’s metabolism, which helps burn fat better.

Hot water also helps contract the intestines and get rid of waste that causes body bloating, thus ridding the body of retained fluids that lead to fullness.

7- Improve blood circulation

Drinking hot water has a similar function to taking a warm bath, as it helps dilate the arteries and veins and carries blood better to all parts of the body.

Where healthy blood flow affects the prevention of many diseases such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.

8- Reducing stress

Because of the benefits of drinking hot water in improving the functions of the central nervous system, it relieves feelings of anxiety and stress.

Also, drinking warm water before bed may contribute to a feeling of relaxation and preparation for a restful and healthy sleep.

9- Reducing toxins in the body

Drinking hot water temporarily raises your internal body temperature and activates your body’s endocrine system to start sweating.

And although the feeling of sweating is annoying, it is an essential part of getting rid of toxins and waste products that negatively affect health.

10- The best for teeth

This may come as a surprise to some, but replacing cold water with warm water is better for your teeth.

Also, warm water helps soothe a toothache and dissolve some of the substances stuck in it before brushing your teeth.

11- Maintaining skin vitality

One of the benefits of drinking hot water is to help reduce the appearance of early signs of aging such as wrinkles, marks, and lines.

In addition to reducing the chances of dry skin and eliminating dark spots, it also helps remove clogged skin.

Also, rid the body of toxins will prevent the appearance of wrinkles and skin aging.

12- Hair growth

Hot water strengthens the nerve endings at the roots of the hair, making them active and grow better.

Hot water also benefits the scalp by keeping it hydrated, thus fighting dryness and dandruff.

The best times to drink hot water
In order for hot water to be most beneficial, it is recommended to drink it at these times:

On an empty stomach as soon as you wake up: Instead of drinking coffee on an empty stomach, in order to get its benefits throughout the day.
Right before bed: It is also recommended to have a cup of hot water before bed to help you feel relaxed and comfortable.
After exercise: to help replenish vitamins and minerals in the body and moisturize the body.
Tips and warnings for drinking hot water
Hot water has many benefits when used properly, but you should pay attention to a few things to get its benefits without harming your health.

Some of the most important tips and precautions for drinking hot water:

Be warm, not hot: Drinking water that is too hot can damage esophageal tissue, burn your taste buds, and burn your tongue.
Adding lemon juice to the water: to give the water a better taste and to make the drink healthy, as hot water and lemon help rid the body of toxins so that all its organs can perform their functions better.
Drink a glass of water in stages: to give the body an opportunity to accept this heat, as drinking it once can lead to a feeling of nausea.

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