The first signs of breast cancer are not known to all women

Although lumps and bulges are the most common symptoms of breast cancer, the first signs of breast cancer may not be known to all women. Let’s get to know them:

The first signs of breast cancer appear


You must have seen recently, on social media, the story of a woman whose only sign of cancer was the appearance of a small dimple on the edge of her breast. However, it turns out that this lump is very common and is one of the first signs of breast cancer, yet many women don’t know this during their monthly self-examination.

skin irritation

Your skin may become irritated by a tight bra, as may rashes, contact dermatitis, or other skin problems. But sometimes it can also be a symptom of breast cancer. When unexplained redness appears on the breasts, along with swelling, skin irritation, itching, or a rash, it may be a message from your body to take action and seek medical attention.

nipple discharge

If you are breastfeeding or pregnant, the appearance of breast secretions is normal. But for other women, any unexplained discharge should be investigated. Sometimes, the discharge can be transparent and have a green, yellowish, or bloody color, which is one of the most obvious signs of breast cancer.


The appearance of unusual spots or freckles on the skin isn’t just a sign that you should see a dermatologist—it could be a sign of a rare, more aggressive type of breast cancer called inflammatory breast cancer. If you notice freckles that appear quickly, seek medical attention immediately.

red spots or bruises

One of the first signs of breast cancer is red spots or bruise-like marks on the skin. If it develops or lasts longer, it should be investigated.

Changing the shape and color of the nipple

Unless you’re pregnant or experiencing swelling, the shape, size, and color of your nipples usually don’t change. If you notice any changes in the appearance of your nipples, you should have a breast cancer screening.

change in skin texture

Some skin changes can occur in most women, but any unacceptable signs on your breasts can be an indication of danger. For example, changing the color of the skin to a red color, which studies have shown is one of the first signs of breast cancer, and occurs due to inflammation of the breast tissue due to cancer cells that block the small lymph channels. inside the breast and fluid buildup.

swelling or tenderness

Breast swelling or tenderness is a common symptom for women during certain periods of their menstrual cycle or even as a sign of early pregnancy. This is why women often ignore it as a warning sign of breast cancer. But if the breast is particularly enlarged or swollen, breast cancer screening is required.

A change in the size or shape of the breast

Weight gain, changes in your menstrual cycle, pregnancy, or breastfeeding can all affect the size and shape of your breasts. But if your breasts change for no reason and it happens suddenly, it could be the first sign of breast cancer, and you should see your doctor.

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