The secret of the scar we bear in our left arm is known the first time you hear it

The secret of the scar we bear on our left arm, which everyone should bear, is precisely that

This scar indicates that we were vaccinated against smallpox at birth, because this vaccine is confirmed against smallpox.


Smallpox is a highly contagious viral disease, and it was the first disease to defeat a person after suffering from it for three decades.

The period when smallpox claimed millions of lives and left millions with disabilities and permanent scars.

It is more common in adults and can cause temporary disability 2% Permanent scars on the face 2%

Blisters form on the eyelid, conjunctiva, and cornea, which leads to complications such as conjunctivitis and corneal ulcers.

Keratitis, iritis, ciliary body inflammation, and optic atrophy. leading to blindness in 40% of cases of smallpox hemorrhage

Subconjunctival and retinal hemorrhage 2% Swelling of joints, bones and arthritis leading to limb deformities 5%.

English physician Edward Jenner prepared the first vaccine against smallpox as Edward Jenner observed and studied Mrs.

Sarah Nelms, a milkmaid who once contracted smallpox and was later found immune to smallpox, as she was

She had smallpox.

Jenner concluded that taking material from infected skin and injecting it into another person with the same disease would generate immunity.

My future is against smallpox, because this disease is similar to smallpox, but less dangerous.

And with the overwhelming victory over smallpox, it no longer poses a threat to our lives or the lives of our children, because they have been vaccinated.

If this appears, the patient is supported and given appropriate relief when using certain medications

Light sterilization until complete recovery, which takes about 10-25 days, and maybe

It causes permanent scarring in some children.

Thus, the scar is a sign of having received the smallpox vaccine in early childhood to gain immunity against it.

the disease .

The history of the spread of this disease is due to the fact that this pollen scar was considered a distinctive and distinctive feature of people.

Healthier than most, it was essential for anyone who wants to socialize and wants to be treated well and

A distinctive feature bears this designation.

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