The sudden benefits of urinating in the bathroom .. you will not believe it!

It often happens that a person feels the need to urinate while taking a shower, which is a natural phenomenon that psychologists explain as a response to water, so the environment helps excrete urine and get rid of toxins accumulated in the bladder. Between those who make it a habit and those who avoid it for fear of contracting diseases, is urinating while bathing harmful to health, or vice versa?

Children usually take this habit, and we find the mother screaming at her little child not to tell her again, which frightens her, and he is forced to hold back urine until he finishes drinking.

How does urinating in the bathroom help?

Speed up healing:

If you have scrapes or cuts on your thighs or legs, urinating while in the shower will allow the urine to come in contact with these areas, killing bacteria and speeding wound healing.

Maintains skin quality:

Urine contains urea, which is used in creams and lotions. It treats itching and inflammation and reduces redness and irritation of the skin.

  • Treatment of fungal infections and cracked feet:

In the event that urine comes into contact with the feet, it can eliminate the bacteria present there, as it helps in the treatment of cracks and accelerates the recovery of the feet and their nails from bacteria.

Therefore, urinating while taking a shower should not be considered a shameful or unhealthy habit, because holding urine in the bladder can have many serious health consequences, leading to inflammation, kidney stones, and other diseases affecting the urinary tract in general.

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