Things a man does not find attractive in a woman.. Pay attention!

Some women change their outward appearance in order to become more attractive, but there are things that men do not find attractive in women, so beware of them:

dry skin
You should know your skin type to take care of it. Keeping your skin moisturized is essential, so oil-free creams should be used if you have oily skin.

dark lips
If you use darker shades of red, you may unintentionally stain your teeth, which can make you look impolite in front of your partner.

Lots of fragrances:
A few splashes of refreshing when applying your perfume will suffice, while too many will be annoying to a man. Make sure to apply perfume to the wrists, neck, and behind the ears, and not to your clothes.

extreme hairstyle:
The use of products that enhance the volume of your hair as well as accessories should be within reasonable limits, as men prefer natural hair of any type.

Too much makeup:
Women think that men love makeup, but this is not true, especially if the makeup is heavy or colored in an exaggerated or bold way.

False eyelashes:
Have you ever heard a guy ask a girl to put on eyelashes? This is not true, men prefer long natural eyelashes.

There are some things and qualities that men hate in women, and these qualities are manifested in:

  • Talking a lot As a woman, she talks a lot, especially talking about her feelings from the man and entering into private issues between her and him with her friends or relatives.
  • Anger as a man does not like a woman who gets angry quickly and cannot control her actions. Anger is one of the traits that alienate love on this planet.
  • A man does not like an angry woman or a negative person who always takes everything negatively.
    Using the man’s tools, as the man hates his wife messing with his electronic devices or tools such as his phone or computer.
  • When a woman harasses a man and insists on opening up and expressing his feelings or speaking about what is on his mind, here the man feels that she is harassing him, because he often feels that he does not need to vent what is inside him. in his belief.
  • A man does not like being called nice names by women in front of others, he likes these names when he is alone with his wife, but these names kind of make him feel offended by his manhood in front of others.
    A man does not like a woman who relies on him excessively, knowing that a man loves to help a woman and solve her problems for her, as these things are considered the main driver of a man’s ego, but there is a very fine line between dependency that pushes vanity and dependence that causes frustration, and here to clarify the idea we will mention an illustrative example For example, when a woman asks a man to open a jar of jam for her, here he does so willingly, and this demonstrates his strength, but when a woman annoys her husband with all matters and asks him for help, such as paying her bills online and other things that may make a man Feels uncomfortable and frustrated with big responsibilities.

The strangest behavior a man likes in a woman

Men love some strange behavior in women, and these behaviors seem unattractive to many women, but every woman must recognize them in order to be able to attract the attention of her husband. The things that women do not know and that we will discuss in this article are:

  • The moments when a woman comes out of the bathroom, as she smells of cleanliness that increases her freshness, in addition to the presence of the towel that tops the head and includes the wet locks of hair, as this matter increases the man’s excitement for her. . . . .
  • Nail biting is what attracts a Man’s attention, especially since he often gets tired of seeing decorated and colored nails and wants to see them in their natural color.
  • The man loves the woman’s spontaneous behavior, which is manifested in blowing into the soup and the way she deals with it with caution because of its intensity, so the husband’s eagerness to see this spontaneous behavior begins.
  • One of the things that may interest a man is to play sports in addition to wearing simple sports clothes such as shorts and a sports top. For this reason, all women should not care too much about elegance, dazzling appearance, and extravagance in adornment, because men tend to have spontaneous behavior and natural appearance.
  • Men tend to see something natural, i.e. they prefer to see women without makeup. The idea that the more women put on makeup and wear flashy clothes, the more impressive and desirable a man becomes. This is a wrong idea.
  • A man loves a woman who surpasses him in sophistication, intelligence and jokes. If he makes a sarcastic comment, we advise you not to take an attitude towards him, but rather to respond to this comment.
    Men want women to use lip gloss, which many women think is unimportant, but men consider important.
  • The sleepy smile that appears on a woman’s face when she feels sleepy, at this moment the man loves her very much and tends to make her laugh, as men tend to this type of smile.
  • The flying locks of hair on the woman’s face arouse the husband, especially when the woman tries to remove these strands from the cheeks and mouth, but he enjoys seeing the wife caressing her hair and face, and he sees that as something exciting for him. .
  • For some strange reason, some men like stubborn women. “I love stubbornness in women… I don’t know why, I can’t explain it, I just do it,” Chebuzur says.

Some men like to watch their women put on makeup

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