This is the mistake people make when cleaning the toilet

After every visit to the toilet, we have that reflex to flush the alarm! We are so used to making this gesture that we don’t take the time to assess whether it is risky or not. The answer is yes! Flushing without lowering the toilet seat can have a negative impact on health. We’ll explain everything to you.

We use the toilet several times a day and every time we go there we never fail to clean the toilet. A gesture that has become so habitual that we do it almost without thinking.

However, this habit is not without flaws. For the environment or health, the effects are multiple and cannot be neglected.

Cleaning: Is it dangerous for your health?

Flushing the toilet itself does not pose an immediate health hazard, but not closing the lid does.

In fact, according to a study published in the Journal of Hospital Infection, cleaning this way creates aerosols (fine particles), which in turn can contaminate the toilet.

The researchers conducted a test using a fecal suspension of the bacterium Clostridium difficile (C. difficile), simulating bacterial contamination present during illness, to measure the prevalence of this bacterium. They also measured how much splashing occurred during cleaning.

The results of this study showed that flushing the toilet without closing the lid increased the risk of C. difficile infection. This was found in air samples 25 cm above the toilet bowl. The highest concentration of C. difficile was recorded in the air samples immediately after rinsing and decreased after several minutes. Surface contamination occurred after 90 minutes of hunting.

The verdict: Always make sure to lower the toilet lid before flushing to avoid contamination with C. difficile or other bacteria.
Remember that Clostridium difficile is a bacterium that causes various problems in the gastrointestinal tract and intestines, such as diarrhea or colitis.

For the brave, we recommend avoiding rinsing after wetting for environmental reasons.

It does not leak, it is environmental and economical!
Fishing is known to be one of the household appliances that consume the most water. Every time you finish your little work and flush the toilet, you drain about 6 liters of water. Knowing that a person can urinate 6 times a day on average, we end up evacuating 36 liters of water per day and per person (this is not counting heavy commissions). In one year, 13,140 liters of water is lost.

Individually, these numbers don’t really sound alarming, but when you consider how many people around the world do this gesture several times a day, the problem of wasting water becomes huge!

Water is a precious resource that is getting scarce day by day. So it is important to preserve it. Starting with less and less rinsing is the first step to that!
For people who care about the cleanliness of their toilets, they should know that urine is sterile. You don’t risk any discomfort if you leave it in your toilet for a while.

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