Use the clove and flaxseed recipe to get rid of parasites, worms and fatty deposits from your body

All you need are two simple ingredients and you can get rid of all the fat and get rid of the intestinal parasites and worms that accumulate in the body.
Many experts believe that the stored energy is just fat, so to control it and burn all the accumulated fat, you have to go on a tough diet. But the process of burning fat can also affect other energy stores called glycogen (carbs) and proteins (muscle).
In order to change the way the body uses fat, we need to change the way we use our energy stores.
When you are stressed, you often have the urge to eat, but this may be due to the presence of parasites and worms in your stomach. When you overeat on sugary foods, the body is filled with mucus which is an excellent medium for these parasites.

Moreover, this environment is the preferred environment for bacteria and fungi. As a result, you need to find a way to naturally get rid of the accumulated fat and parasites. This natural remedy that we are going to present to you from Avarasha is very effective.

the components :

10 grams of dried cloves
100 grams of flax seeds.
How to prepare:
You need to grind cloves and flaxseeds until they turn into a powder.

how to use:
Every morning for 3 days, you should consume 2 teaspoons of this mixture with a glass of water or at breakfast. To enjoy a better effect, take this recipe for three days, then take a break after that, and then repeat the recipe.

After a month, you will feel incredible effects as your body will get rid of parasites, intestinal worms and toxins. Keep in mind that you need to consume essential minerals and vitamins daily to get the energy needed during the day. This way you will feel great energy and vitality.

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