What does the way you sit say about your personality?

Psychologists studied the body language and human behavior of a sample of people and found that how we sit can say a lot about our intentions and personalities. When we sit, we usually subconsciously choose the position that is most comfortable for us, in which our instincts and intentions can be revealed.

Here are the most common sitting positions and what they mean:

Center number 1

People who sit like this are usually sociable and easily communicate with others, guided by the idea that any problem can be solved on their own. Sometimes they can act like children. The main feature of this sitting position is that these people are the first to say something, and after that, they think about what they said and the consequences of what they said.

Center number 2

People who sit this way are often referred to as “dreamers.” They can be very creative, and their presence in any company will not bother you. These people are fun and always come up with new and interesting ideas.

Center number 3

People who sit this way know the meaning of comfort. They don’t think perfect, but they seem to have spent a lot of time making it. They are eclectic and their choices take a long time, so they are hard to please. They may look messy, but they are not, because they know where everything is and where to put it.

Website number 4

People who sit around like this get annoyed with people who don’t meet deadlines. They are sensitive, and intelligent, and they prefer peace to conflicts and quarrels. When you squat down, you are dealing with someone who is wild and straightforward, maybe even a little rude. But it is organized by nature.

If he raises the upper part of his foot and leans only on the heel, this means that even if he looks restrained, in reality, he is always ready to fight or oppose others.

Position number 5

The main characteristic of those who sit this way is that they tend to think that everything has its own time. For example, if they are married, they will not rush to start a family, they will first get the required education, then make a career, and when they are sure of everything, they will start a family. These people are considered persistent, and sometimes they can cross the line and become stubborn. However, these people always know their goal and strive to achieve it, which makes them very ambitious and do not stop at any obstacle. Their physical appearance is essential to them, so they will do everything they can to maintain it. However, they suffer from deep insecurities and are fiercely opposed to any criticism, be it positive or friendly.

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