What is jathom or sleep paralysis? Symptoms, causes and how to prevent them

What is jathom or sleep paralysis? It is the phenomenon of inability to speak and move that occurs when waking up or sleeping, so that the person is conscious, hears and sees, and is unable to move his limbs, and is unable to speak. It is a sleep disorder, because the brain is awake and conscious, but the body is under the influence of the sleep process, and in English it is called sleep paralysis, and it is usually accompanied by hallucinations.

What is Jathoom or sleep paralysis

The exact definition and description of a jathom is when a sleeper wakes up in the night and can discern those around him. He also sees and hears them well, but he cannot perform the simplest voluntary movements such as moving his limbs, speaking, or even screaming and asking for help from those around him.

And people compare it to a person who feels that his soul has become completely paralyzed in another body with all his muscles except for the muscles of breathing, lungs and eyes. This is not a terrible dream from which it is difficult to wake up. But it is a phenomenon known as jathom or the so-called sleep paralysis, but it is really not a cause for concern at all.

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In fact, studies have shown that out of every three people, one will experience sleep paralysis or sleep paralysis at least once in their lifetime. Also, about a fifth of the world’s population has suffered from this disease or will suffer from leprosy in the future, once, and sometimes twice in their lifetime.

Not only that. On the contrary, some people, about 4% of the world’s population, suffer from what is known as jathom disorder or chronic sleep paralysis.

This most often occurs in adolescents or adults in the onset of puberty. Therefore, as a person ages, this phenomenon begins to decrease and may even disappear altogether.

It should also be noted that anyone who suffers from any type of sleep disorder or problem is not more likely than others to suffer from the phenomenon of jathom.

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At what time can the phenomenon of jathom occur?

In fact, most people with jathom pick it up in their sleep. Or as soon as they fall asleep, or when they wake up. Sometimes a person wakes up from sleep with a very rapid eye movement, scientifically known as REM sleep syndrome.

The length of time a person remains under the influence of a jathom varies from person to person. But most pros agreed that it only takes a few seconds to a few minutes. In fact, leprosy is not limited to one country or another. It occurs in different cultures through the ages, because all the inhabitants of the countries of the world suffer from it, and it is present in both eastern and western countries.

Moreover, many writers, painters, and art owners in the past and across all ages have depicted this phenomenon in their paintings and works. Some novelists have talked about it.

The opinion of science and medicine in the phenomenon of jathom
Dr. Bertrand de la Giclee, located at the French Center in Uruguay and responsible for managing the Center for Sleep Medicine, this eminent scientist prefers to talk about awakening rather than sleep paralysis.

Most of the time, the corpus callosum occurs while a person is sleeping or waking up early. His eyes engage in rapid, voluntary movements known medically as REM sleep syndrome. This occurs during the dreaming phase in the middle of the sleep period.

As it is medically known, during the dreaming period brain activity doubles. But then there is no connection between the brain and the muscles of the body.

The greatness of God’s creation is reflected in this reason as well. It is the interruption of muscle communication with the brain so that the sleeper does not respond to what is happening in the dream. He is unconscious and can completely harm himself physically.

And when the corpse enters and the person awakens in the middle of their sleep, the brain is fully awake and aware of its surroundings. There is a sharp decrease in the ability of the muscles to move. So people at the time thought they were completely paralyzed. Despite the short duration of the phenomenon, which ranges from a few seconds to a few minutes.

In fact, you don’t have to worry about it, despite the fact that walking or sleep paralysis causes a state of terror for a few seconds, it is not dangerous at all. And all the people who had experienced this phenomenon previously, were able to completely control their muscles and bodies afterwards. Just as it happens once or twice in a lifetime, it does not at all indicate that there is something to worry about for this person.

What symptoms does a person experience during a corpse seizure?

In the seconds that the corpse occurs, the person is fully conscious and knows that they are fully awake. When he tries to get up from his place, he finds himself as if something has tied him in place and he cannot move. As if the little one is completely pushing him, and some also feel a state of suffocation.

It also conveyed the words of those afflicted with corpses, as if there was an imaginary person with terrifying features. He threatens them and sows terror in their hearts.

Scientists have also interpreted these questions as hallucinations that people experience under the influence of corpses. Because they feel as if they are hearing or seeing things that are not there, some of them also experience kinesthetic and sensory hallucinations.

Psychiatrist and sleep science specialist Sylvie Royant-Parola has been able to interpret the jathom method as the stage between sleep and wakefulness. Where a person can take himself normally, thanks to the proper functioning of the respiratory muscles. And the person who is in his heart fully believes that he is aware and aware of his surroundings.

The panic attack and the pain that the person experiences at this time comes from the fact that they see things that are unreal and also non-existent. His visual and auditory senses, in particular, can trigger him to picture things that are unreal to him.

Interpretation of hallucinations and pain during a paroxysmal epileptic seizure
Psychiatrist Dr. Fran├žois Bilodeau found a logical explanation for the sensation of pain. It is caused by muscle fatigue caused by trying to get up from sleep.

He also explained hallucinations in which a person, under an attack of fear, tries to exploit and stimulate his brain to find a logical and explanatory reason for his feeling of fear. Also, his brain may still be in the sleep-wake phase and not fully awake.

Indeed, complete paralysis of the muscles of the body is normal. And the expected reaction, as a result of the state of terror in which a person lives, is that the sleeper imagines terrifying and strange things, but they are imaginary in the place of his sleep.

What are the common symptoms of jathom disease?

  • Loss of ability to speak or scream.
  • Sometimes this is accompanied by a feeling of suffocation and the loss of the ability to breathe normally.
  • Visual hallucinations in the form of bright balls or dots.
  • Auditory hallucinations, such as hearing the voice of someone who is not there or the phone ringing for example.
  • Sensory hallucinations, such as feeling like someone is tying you up or pulling on your hands or feet.
  • Kinesthetic hallucinations, such as the sensation of falling from a height.
  • Paralysis of all the muscles of the body and the inability to move them, especially the hands and feet.
  • The feeling that someone is trying to strangle the sleeping person, kneeling on his chest, or just moving around the room in an aggressive, frightening manner.

What causes a corpse attack?

Doctors and researchers have found that people experience periods of anxiety and stress. Which leads to unhealthy and interrupted sleep, they may be more likely than others to experience bouts of walking or sleep paralysis, one or more times.

There are also causes other than anxiety and stress, such as physical activity that makes you tired or fatigued, or sudden changes in your daily routine, such as leaving home or changing jobs.

It can also be due to irregular and interrupted sleep. Or the way a person lies down during sleep is strange and unhealthy, such as lying on his back.

As mentioned earlier, people who suffer from compulsive sleep syndrome or the so-called narcolepsy. They may be more sensitive than others to understanding. But a large number of people who have jathom once or twice in their life do not have this problem.

What are the common causes of gatoposus?

  • Sudden changes in daily routine, such as moving to a new place to live or work.
  • The presence of stress on a person on a daily basis causes him anxiety and stress.
  • Irregular sleep, and a disorder occurs in the patient’s biological clock.
  • Lying in a way that is uncomfortable or unhealthy for people, such as lying on your back.
  • Going into prolonged bouts of depression and seeing life in a gloomy way, in addition to having negative thoughts.
  • Excessive use of sedatives and hypnotics is not allowed, sometimes due to drug use.
  • How to treat the phenomenon of sleep paralysis?
  • In fact, scientists have not yet been able to come up with a treatment that prevents the appearance of jathom. Although scientist Antoine Adam Tedis managed to gain access to the brain region responsible for causing REM syndrome.

In addition, this finding may be a clue to discovering treatments in the future that help treat unconscious states. Help people with any form of sleep disorders. Or at least help with sleep by getting a restful sleep.

Until science finds these solutions, doctors will still advise that prevention is better than cure. Thus, a person can reduce the intensity of jathom, which is largely caused by constant exposure to anxiety and stress.

Some tips recommended by the doctor to reduce the symptoms of epileptic seizures

  • Try to limit the number of hours you sleep and get enough, adjust your sleep time.
  • Do some relaxation exercises daily before bed.
  • Sleep in a firm place to get a comfortable sleep.
  • Do not sleep lying down.
  • Avoid anything that causes you anxiety, stress, or any other type of stress.
  • Avoid sedatives and hypnotics as much as possible.
  • Urgency to the psychiatrist in the event of symptoms of depression.
  • Get rid of negative and gloomy thoughts and try to see things in a positive way.
  • If this happens and becomes repetitive and you insert one or more corpse loops. You should see a sleep doctor to help reduce and relieve jathom symptoms, or even treat sleep disorders, if any.

The relationship between jathom and magic

In fact, some people believe that there is a connection between the appearance of corpse spells, jinn, and black magic.

The opinion of psychiatry was that there was no connection between the jinn and the corpse, because despite the exhaustion and panic it causes, it is not a serious matter, and if the patient suffers greatly from it, then you should avoid entering it. In whirlwinds of thoughts to find out why, as if he thought someone had bewitched him. Black, or that there are spirits from the outside world that you want to communicate with, because these thoughts have worse results, because they cause you anxiety and tension that motivates you to enter into new bouts.

All you have to do about it is let it go and try to take your mind off it and do exercises that will help you relax, or perform any religious and spiritual rituals that will put your heart at ease.

What do you do when you have bouts of jathom?

Psychiatrist Fran├žois Bilodeau believes that it is right not to try to fight these symptoms or try to regain control of your muscles, as these symptoms will inevitably pass by themselves after a few seconds, and will not affect the health of your body or mind at all. . So the patient should relax and try to go back to sleep knowing that this may be something normal and it happens to many people.

Indeed, the hallucinations and panic at that time may have caused a psychological crisis for the patient to such an extent that he avoids sleep as much as possible, or does not want to sleep in the same room and bed in which he was exposed to this. And the psychiatrist advises not to do this because it will make you suffer from sleep disorders, which is the biggest cause of seizures.

In the end, instead of running away, you should consult a psychiatrist and a sleep doctor, to get relaxation exercises that will help you get enough restful sleep.

In conclusion, we mentioned in this article what is jathoom or sleep paralysis, what are its causes, symptoms of infection, the opinion of science, and what should be done about infection with it.

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