Your little finger can tell a lot about your personality

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It’s a little strange, but your little finger can tell a lot about you. By measuring your little finger, you will be able to learn more about your personality, habits, relationships…

There are 3 basic personality types that your little finger can indicate. Just look at your finger and see if it’s too long or short compared to the top knuckle of your finger.

Take this personality test; You might be surprised at its accuracy.

Type A: marital placement
If the top of your little finger stops at the first line of the top knuckle of your finger, you are type A.

People in this group are very reserved and introverted. They do not like to open up easily to others and do not want to depend on anyone. These types of people have big personalities, are always there for their loved ones, and expect them to do the same for them in return. Although she is kind and warm with her friends and family, she appears very cold in the eyes of strangers.

If your little finger extends to the top line of your ring finger, you are type B.

People belonging to this group are very loyal and very sensitive. When they fall in love, their partner is their whole world. These types of people are very loyal. They are totally dedicated to whatever they set out to do. This is why they do so well in their work, studies, family or friends. In general, they have a calm and non-confrontational nature, and they maintain their composure under pressure.

Type C: short
If the top of your little finger does not reach the line of your upper ring finger joint, you are type C.

People belonging to this group are optimistic, cheerful and energetic. They forgive and forget very easily, because they cannot contain their anger. These types of people are very active. Sometimes, their excess energy can cause them to be self-centered. Even though they present a bubbly exterior to the world, they keep their true feelings closely guarded.

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